How to get Hawkeye and Kate Bishop in Fortnite

Another month, another round of Fortnite collaborations between major brands and the battle royale phenom. Next up on the list? Marvel’s Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, the duo who most recently starred in Disney Plus’ Hawkeye series.

The crossover was first discovered by data miners ralisdumb and shared by HypeX. The first image (seen above) shows Clint and Kate Bishop sliding into battle with their trusty bows. I guess it wouldn’t be a Hawkeye crossover without archery, huh?

So when does the arrow-slinging pair release in Fortnite? We’ve rounded up everything we know below.

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Fortnite release date

So far, no firm release date is known, but HypeX indicates that we’ll see Clint and Kate Bishop release in Fortnite sometime in the next two weeks. Skin releases have gotten a bit wild lately in terms of release times, so it could land anytime between now and the end of the month.

We’ll update this page when more info drops.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop cosmetic items

It wouldn’t be a Marvel/Fortnite crossover without some extra items for Kate Bishop and Hawkeye. As you might expect, both characters are getting their own arrow quivers as back blings. Then there’s the “Aerial Archer” glider, which looks like a giant metal bow that would shatter my ribcage immediately. Then we finally have a loading screen (the image at the top of the page) and two new pickaxes, all with the customary purple color scheme the Hawkeye family has come to love.

Check out the image below for a closer look, courtesy of HypeX.

While we wait for more details, be sure to have a look at our Fortnite guides page for more challenge walkthroughs and news on the latest skins.

Source: PC Gamer

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