How to get all the evolved weapons in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors’ evolve weapons are your only sure-fire way to deal with the ever-growing hordes of horrific creatures that try to swarm you in each run. But it isn’t like the game guides you towards them. Instead, you’ll have to know what to upgrade and how to upgrade it in order to get one of these powerful weapons.

If you’ve not heard of Poncle’s horror roguelite, here’s how it works: each time you level—by beating enemies and taking their XP gems—you get a choice of weapons and upgrade items. Choosing a new weapon will let you swap, but if you choose the same again, you can replace your current weapon with something even more powerful. Once you upgrade it enough, you’ll be well on your way to  getting an evolved weapon.

In this Vampire Survivors evolve weapons guide, I’ll break down the gear you can evolve, and the items you need to combine to make it happen. I’ll also explain what each powerful weapon can do.

Vampire Survivors evolve weapons: How to get a top-tier arsenal

To get an evolved weapon, you need to upgrade a base weapon to level 8, in most cases. Once you’ve chosen to upgrade it a sufficient number of times, you’ll need to combine it with a certain item. More on those below. 

Next, you need to survive a run for at least 10 minutes. Then you’ll need to defeat a special enemy that, once destroyed, will drop a chest that contains the evolved weapon. The exception is the Vandalier: For that you’ll need to unlock the Peachone and Ebony Wings (survive for ten minutes and upgrade Peachone to level 7, respectively), upgrade them both to level 8, and defeat a boss after ten minutes. Phew.

For the other item and weapon combinations, check out the table below.

Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions list

Evolved weapon Base weapon Item Ability
Bloody Tear Whip Hollow Heart Deals critical damage and absorbs XP
Soul Eater Garlic Pummarola Steals hearts, restores HP
Holy Wand Magic Wand Empty Tome No delay on firing
Hellfire Fire Wand Spinach Passes through enemies
Thousand Edge Knife Bracer No delay on firing
Unholy Vespers King Bible Spellbinder Continuous projectiles
Death Spiral Axe Candelabrador Passes through enemies
Heaven Sword Cross Clover Deals critical damage
La Borra Santa Water Attractorb Growing damage zones appear when you move
NO FUTURE Runetracer Armor Explodes on bounce and when retaliating
Thunder Loop Lightning Ring Duplicator Projectiles hit twice
Gorgeous Moon Pentagram Crown Generates extra gems and gathers them
Mannajja Song of Mana Skull O’Maniac Can slow down enemies

Source: PC Gamer

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