Horrifying Figure Combines The Rock and Eevee

Cosplayer and fan artist shares a 3D-printed sculpture showing a hybrid of the cuddly fox Pokemon Eevee and wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Eevee occupies a unique place among the other Generation 1 Pokemon. Resembling a small brown fox, they’re notable for having eight different possible evolutions, more than any of Game Freak’s other Pocket Monsters. Each possible evolution is of a different Type, though not every Type is represented. There are, for example, no Rock-type evolutions of Eevee.

Twitter cosplay artist @JohnnyJunkers decided to remedy this, posting a photo titled “Finally, a rock type Eevee evolution.” Of course, this is a different kid for Rock than Pokemon fans might have expected, as it merges the cuddly Eevee with the chiseled features of actor and professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


The photo shows a 3D-printed sculpture of Johnny’s “Rock-type” Eevee. It’s a relatively simple design, with The Rock’s head sprouting from the comparatively tiny body of Pokemon’s Eevee. The sculpture also features two Eevee ears in addition to The Rock’s human ears, for a total of four. Of course, it’s a matter of subjective opinion if the extraneous oratory orifices make the sculpture better or even more horrific, though those aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Either way, the tweet earned plenty of love from fellow Twitter users. The first reply as of this writing is a variant of the Magneto “Perfection” meme, with other Twitter users expressing similar sentiments. There were also a few playful requests for @JohnnyJunkers to remove his horrific human-Pokemon hybrid. These included an edited clip of The Rock’s character from Moana singing, “What can I say except delete this.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the only recent example of unusual human-Pokemon hybrids appearing in fanart. In December, Reddit user The_God_of_Athiests shared their fanart of the Pokemon Quagsire crossed with Family Guy’s Quagmire. It’s unclear if this is becoming a trend or simply a coincidence, though both artists seem to have a particular affection for puns. Still, out of the two, the “Rock-type Eevee” defiantly withs the prize for most horrific.

Unlike the earlier artist, @JohnnyJunkers is predominately a cosplayer instead of a fan artist and uses the 3D printer to create props and other items for his outfits. He’s no amateur cosplayer either, winning the State Farm-sponsored Cosplay Contest last year. He’s mostly known for his excellent Mega Man cosplay and is currently working on his latest version of the character. Fans can watch his progress during streams hosted on Twitch. His other creations are also a good deal less horrific than his Dwayne Johnson Pokemon hybrid.

Source: Gamerant

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