Horizon Zero Dawn LEGO Set Could Be in the Works

Following a listing from a German retailer, it appears that a LEGO set featuring a machine from Horizon Zero Dawn could release in the future.

Since the release of Horizon Zero Dawn in February of 2017, the popularity of the series featuring the heroine Aloy has skyrocketed. While many fans are focused on the sequel Horizon Forbidden West coming in less than two months, that’s not the only news regarding the series.

Recently, it was revealed that a new LEGO set from Horizon Zero Dawn could be released in the future. This news came via the German toy retailer known as Wagner’s after accidentally posting the set on its website. While this listing has since been removed, fans were able to learn several details about the possible upcoming LEGO kit.


Among the information included on the retail website, it was revealed that the LEGO set was of a Tallneck seen in Horizon Zero Dawn. Unfortunately, a picture showing what the LEGO version of the giraffe-like machine looked like was not included in the listing. However, the number of pieces was mentioned. With an impressive 1,222 bricks, the gaming set is expected to release as an 18+ recommended kit geared for more experienced builders. With this in mind, it seems likely that the model of the Tallneck will be quite large and include a good amount of detail. It’s worth mentioning that it is unclear if the set comes with a minifigure of the main protagonist Aloy.

Tallneck Horizon Zero Dawn

In addition to these details, a potential release date was leaked on the site. According to the listing, the Tallneck set could launch on May 1, 2022. It is worth noting that this date seems a bit odd as it comes several months after the release of Horizon Forbidden West and potentially after the initial hype for the sequel has died down. Besides this release date, the website also listed the model for €79.99 (close to $90).

This set looks to be part of the LEGO Gaming collection, a new line from the Danish toy company. This collection was first introduced with the reveal of a LEGO Overwatch 2 Null Sector Titan from earlier this month. Along with this Tallneck model, the LEGO Gaming collection is believed to include 11 sets.

This news is doubtlessly exciting for fans of the franchise. However, it’s worth noting that none of these details have been confirmed by the company. As a result, this means that the information from the German retailer could be inaccurate. Nevertheless, it seems plausible given the upcoming release of Horizon Forbidden West in less than two months. It appears fans will have to wait and see if LEGO officially announces the product in the coming days.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

Source: Gamerant

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