Horizon: Forbidden West Trailer Reveals Various Tribes Aloy Will Encounter

The latest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West reveals various tribes players will come across including returning favorites and new Utaru and Tenakth.

After a slower than expected release schedule towards the end of 2021, Sony is looking to kick off 2022 with a bang. January brings Kratos’ latest adventure in God of War to the PC, while PS5 players will get to experience the complete Uncharted experience through the Legacy of Thieves Collection, and then Gran Turismo 7 making its PS5 debut in March. However, for many PlayStation fans, the game to watch for the month of February is Horizon: Forbidden West.


Marketing has been steadily increasing with the game’s launch date quickly approaching. Fans have already gotten a good taste of what Aloy’s upcoming adventure will be like thanks in large part to extended looks at gameplay including last year’s battle with the new Tremortusk machine enemy. Horizon: Forbidden West looks to expand and build upon the foundations of the first game, adding new gameplay mechanics such as underwater exploration and traversal abilities as well as plenty of new machines and enemies to fight.

The latest trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West showcases the various tribes that Aloy will come across in her journey to the west, which includes both friendly and those who actively wish to stop the player’s quest. Tribes of the Forbidden West sees some returning factions as well such as the more militaristic Carja and the crafting focused Oseram tribes, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering Erend has already been shown in previous footage.

The trailer also highlights a couple of newer tribes inside of the Forbidden West. Located in an area known as Plainsong are the Utaru, who make their home on the blighted fields which current threatens to wipe out all life. In an effort to heal the land, the peaceful Utaru can be seen and heard singing in unison.

Far to the west, players will come across the Tenakth, a clan broken into three different factions who are held together by a very fragile peace. The members a covered in tribal paint and are now facing a new threat from a Rebel faction led by a person known as Regalla. The trailer shows them riding various machines into battle such as the previously mentioned Tremortusk as well as the raptor like Clawstriders.

Horizon: Forbidden West appears to just be another piece of Sony’s plan for the franchise. Just recently, Guerrilla Games not only helped unveil plans for the new PlayStation VR2 hardware, but it announced a new game called Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This VR title is a collaboration between Guerrilla and Firesprite, which offers fans a brand new adventure in the world of Horizon. While not much is known about the title, a small gameplay snippet showed new characters interacting with the towering communications class machine known as the Tallneck.

Horizon Forbidden West releases February 18 for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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