Horizon Forbidden West DLC Teased by Lance Reddick Post

Horizon Forbidden West actor Lance Reddick posts and deletes a tweet suggesting his involvement in DLC for the PlayStation exclusive title has begun.

A tweet from Lance Reddick suggested that he was hard at work in the motion capture studio in preparation for a Horizon Forbidden West DLC. The tweet has now been deleted but further signals that DLC for the PlayStation exclusive is potentially on the way.

Ever since fans completed Horizon Forbidden West’s main campaign, they have shifted their focus to the arrival of future DLC. As it gets further away from the February release date of Horizon Forbidden West the anticipation for a DLC announcement grows, but Guerrilla Games has given very few hints about its release. Thanks to a now-deleted tweet by Lance Reddick, fervor for the expansion has gained another swell in interest and speculation.


Lance Reddick, who plays the genius, yet abrasive Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West made posted a tweet with a video of him in motion capture and the dots used to capture facial features on his face. The tweet read “Hard at work in a session for Horizon Forbidden West” before it was deleted. There were reports early in the year that Peggy Vrijens, who is the motion capture actor for Aloy’s action scenes, was in the studio with another actor, but all has been quiet from Guerrilla Games in terms of game announcements outside of anything related to the PlayStation VR2 title Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Lance Reddick being in motion capture recording may signal that he could play a significant role in potential DLC. His input in the first game’s DLC was contained to just a few lines of dialogue. But with the massive expansion of the landscape and the dialogue of Horizon Forbidden West, his role may be greatly expanded this time around. What could happen is wherever Aloy may end up exploring, Sylens may get a side quest story arc similar to what Aloy’s other companions had during the main story. He joined the base late in the game late into the story after being a foil to Aloy’s mission for most of the game.

Just as Horizon Zero Dawn had one DLC release that added a large swath of playable space to the original map, fans have been searching for potential expansion locations in the Horizon Forbidden West map. Horizon content creators have also been searching through the lore and partially accessible locations on the map that showed the same pre-DLC characteristics that appeared on the Horizon Zero Dawn map. If any of those locations prove to be the setting of the expansion, Sylens’ scheming ways could play a role in its story and the future of the Horizon universe.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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