Horizon Forbidden West Clip Shows Player Weaponizing Firegleam

After being outnumbered by some rebels, a Horizon Forbidden West player manages to take out all of their enemies at once using Firegleam.

Horizon Forbidden West is the 2022 sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and, as can be expected from a follow-up game, Horizon Forbidden West has a lot of new mechanics and ideas implemented into the gameplay compared to its predecessor. There are new machines to defeat alongside a new map to explore in Horizon Forbidden West. As well as those larger and more obvious changes, there are also some environmental barriers players must learn to overcome in the new game setting.


Firegleam marks one of those barriers and is likely the first environmental obstacle players will come across. Firegleam in Horizon Forbidden West appears as a hybrid between a red crystal and fungus and can usually be found close to Relic Ruins in No Man’s Land. To destroy Firegleam, a player must progress in Horizon Forbidden West’s story. However, once they know how to destroy Firegleam, it can prove to be a powerful tool in combat in addition to being an obstacle for players to pass through.

One Horizon Forbidden West fan showed off the environmental power of Firegleam in a recent clip shared on Reddit. Outnumbered by rebels and on very hard difficulty, the player appears to be in quite the pinch, until they notice a spot of Firegleam on the wall behind them. Jamming their Igniter into the Firegleam, the player not only destroys the crystal and fungus, but also manage to take out their enemies in the following explosion.

A few fans in the comments of the clip praised the player for their quick thinking and use of their surroundings. One Horizon Forbidden West fan noted that Rost who is Aloy’s mentor in Horizon Zero Dawn would be proud of her for following his teachings. Other fans noticed a different side of the cool moment as they pointed out the fact that the rebels patiently waited to attack Aloy while she ignited the Firegleam. While it would be tough on the player to be attacked during a lengthy animation, it does break the immersion for some that a fight pauses under specific circumstances.

Outside of the game itself, Horizon Forbidden West fans have been showing off their appreciation for the game. One player made a custom shelf to place their collector’s edition statue on, while another decided they would make their own figure, crafting a Horizon Forbidden West Watcher machine with a 3D printer. As with Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West is still proving to be an interesting game with details still to discover months after release.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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