Horizon Fan Comes Up With Awesome Suncatcher Machine Concept

A creative and talented fan of the Horizon series draws up some conceptual art for a new machine for the game franchise and calls it a Suncatcher.

No matter how old or new a video game franchise is or even how popular it is, one thing will always be certain – the fans of the game will continue to impress with their creative art, mods, events, cosplay, and other ways in which they engage with the game’s universe. Guerilla’s Horizon franchise is immensely popular and inspires fans to delve deep into their imaginative minds and create unique and stunning things – and the visually stunning world of Horizon definitely lends itself well to such an artistic endeavor.


Both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West contain visually impressive characters, settings, and other assets that come together to create a beautiful tapestry of graphical fidelity and gorgeous artwork. Horizon fans are consistently inspired to create art that not only emulates this beauty, but pushes it further to reach different heights and explore different palettes and designs.

Redditor Frith is one such fan that posts artwork for a concept of a new machine for the Horizon franchise called a Suncatcher, which looks to be based on the body structure of a Canadian moose – with the exception of having a large set of solar panels atop its head instead of antlers. Frith includes different views of the Suncatcher on which they have labeled certain elements of the creature’s design, such as the blaze and chillwater canisters on its back and the fact that all of the solar panels are mobile and can move around in order to catch the sunlight better. Though some of Horizon’s machines are quite dangerous, the Suncatcher here looks to be quite docile, similar to the franchise’s Grazers, and content with just following the sun to collect and store energy.

In the comments, the artist explains that they played Horizon Zero Dawn three years ago and was inspired to sketch various machines that they thought would be great additions to the game or ones they would like to see in a sequel. The machines in the Horizon franchise are iconic and carefully crafted and designed, and it seems like Frith’s machines would fit right in to the world seamlessly.

Frith includes a link in the comments to their website that showcases each of the machines they have conceptualized, including one that looks very similar to Horizon Forbidden West‘s Tremortusk and another that resembles the game’s Sunwing machine. The artist created this concept art prior to Horizon Forbidden West‘s release, which showcases their talent and vision.

The Horizon franchise is extremely popular in the gaming community, but it also inspires fans and artists to create beautiful artwork based on the game’s machines and characters. Hopefully, Guerilla is able to continue the franchise’s success and the world will see more and more such stunning concept art made by the fans.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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