Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Huohuo’s Kit Model, and Combat Animations


  • Honkai: Star Rail version 1.4 will introduce new characters like Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen, adding fresh gameplay options.
  • Huohuo, a highly anticipated character, will be released in version 1.5, offering defensive capabilities and bonuses for teammates.
  • In addition to Huohuo, version 1.5 will bring Argenti and Hanya, expanding the roster of playable characters with unique abilities.

Recent Honkai: Star Rail leaks have given a bunch of details about the upcoming character Huohuo, including her ability kit, combat animations, and in-game model. Honkai: Star Rail will be updated to version 1.4 on October 11 after the usual server maintenance duration. The upcoming patch will bring a cast of distinctive characters like Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen. Also, the second phase of version 1.4 will add a rerun banner for five-star Quantum unit Seele, whose offensive capabilities can help players tackle any type of endgame content.

Over the last month, some highly-regarded leakers have provided new information about the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail characters, with one revealing that Huohuo will arrive in version 1.5 later this year. The five-star Wind character has many players hyped even weeks ahead of her release, and it looks like she will remain relevant in the meta for quite some time. Recent leaks suggested that Huohuo hails from the Abundance Path and provides her teammates with different bonuses in combat. Players will have to wait until version 1.5, which is expected to go live on November 15, to test the character’s defensive capabilities.

As per recent leaks from Hiro420, Honkai: Star Rail‘s Huohuo has a traditional outfit that consists of a long sleeve dress, a tricorne, a multicolor skirt, and a set of accessories. They give details about her kit, revealing that she deals Wide damage equal to 100% of her max HP to a single enemy. She has a useful talent that restores all allies’ HP or energy at the beginning of each turn. After attacking an enemy and entering combat, the enemy’s Type Toughness will be weakened thanks to her technique. Judging by Huohuo’s ability kit, she will take on the healer role for any team composition.

Huohuo’s combat animations have also been leaked, giving players an insight into her kit. The Foxian girl holds her opposite arm with her hand when not attacking the enemy. Her fluffy tail looks a little plain, but the developers could make it more gaudy with custom shader until the release of version 1.5. In terms of in-game design, she bears a resemblance to some female Honkai: Star Rail characters like Fu Xuan and Qingque.

Aside from Huohuo, Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5 will bring Argenti and Hanya for players to fill out their teams. Argenti is a five-star unit that belongs to the Path of Erudition and deals physical damage based on his ATK. Meanwhile, Hanya has a four-star rarity and versatile kit that allows her to recover skill points and buff an ally’s attack speed.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices, with a PS5 version releasing on October 11.

Source: Gamerant

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