Hogwarts Legacy Has an Unsettling Room of Requirement Item Deek Would Hate

A player of action-RPG Hogwarts Legacy shares that they found a horrifying Room of Requirement display item that the room’s house-elf Deek will probably hate. Though there are so many pieces that can be placed in a Hogwarts Legacy player’s Room of Requirement, it is not surprising for fans to notice everything about the decor they decide to put on display.

It has been less than two months since Hogwarts Legacy was released across a wide range of gaming platforms. Despite a bumpy start due to controversies surrounding the title, the video game has seen a lot of success in sales and player numbers. Now, the player base seems to be keeping itself occupied by making interesting content such as fan art and mods for fellow fans. Some of these mods focus on the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement, especially since fans seem to have taken a special interest in building unique spaces for their main character to hang out in.


On Reddit, user ultradespairthot shared a screenshot of a disturbing Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement in-game item that they recently noticed. In the image, the item is called “Mounted House-Elf Heads” and it showcases a figure of a house-elf head. Fans will likely notice the horrific description of the piece as it states that players can hang “decapitated heads” of house-elves in their Room of Requirement. Given that the timeline and main story of Hogwarts Legacy dates before the Harry Potter series, these kinds of decorative pieces are likely still prevalent in the action-RPG.

Some players on the Reddit thread seem to know some interesting trivia about the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement item, sharing with fellow fans that the act of decapitating house-elves was Black family tradition in the Wizarding World universe. Others commenters seemed to share in their horror about the decorative piece, especially since a helpful house-elf named Deek is responsible for aiding the player’s character in setting up their Room of Requirement. Many also made good fun of Deek, saying that this is one way of keeping the character in line in the video game.

Despite how horrifying the concept of the Room of Requirement mounted item is, some players are still curious about where to locate it in the game. With Hogwarts Legacy players being able to role-play to some extent in the title, the unsettling item is a great way for them to show off just how villainous their character can be in the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming May 5 and a Nintendo Switch port dropping July 25.

Source: Gamerant

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