Hitman Trilogy to Get VR Support on PC Next Week

Virtual reality is everywhere at the moment, and with so many highly-praised games getting VR ports, it was inevitable that Hitman would be next.

It’s weird to think that virtual reality games went from being a gimmicky idea that was unlikely to catch on, to being the next step in the creation of immersive titles. Last year alone saw the release of some incredible VR ports, such as Resident Evil 4, and Hitman 3. In terms of the latter, the reboot of the stealth franchise has seen it go from strength to strength, and it looks as though virtual reality technology will be available for all three of the newer installments soon.


According to a recent report from VGC, the rebooted trilogy of Hitman, going back from 2016 to present day, will get VR support on PC come next week. Those who have the first two games will be able to import the levels into the newest release, so they can play all three in virtual reality. As it stands, there’s no official statement about which specific devices will be compatible, but given that IO Interactive says it will offer support for the “most popular” hardware, the likes of Oculus and HTC Vice may be compatible, but that’s speculation at this stage.

It seems this latest announcement ties in with the release of the Hitman trilogy which is due out on January 20 for PC, as well as previous and current gen consoles. All three titles will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day, as the service continues to grow its lineup of games. During a presentation, senior game designer, Eskil Mohl, said the team were happy about finally being able to bring VR to the games, adding that one thing they wanted to get right was the ability to throw, which is something pretty integral to the games.

hitman 3 year 2 new content

On top of that, there are some more things coming to the stealth games. Hitman 3 will be adding a Freelancer mode, as well as implementing support for ray tracing later on this year. Whispers about new content coming to the latest installment were doing the rounds a few days ago, so fans will no doubt be happy about all the additional things that are being added.

With the success of Half-Life: Alyx, as well as the aforementioned virtual reality games, VR is evidently not going away any time soon. While it may have been tempting to dismiss it as nothing more than a passing fancy, the fact that many popular AAA releases are now looking to show support for the technology proves that it’s something worthy of the industry at large.

Hitman Trilogy launches on January 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: VGC

Source: Gamerant

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