Hitman 3 Detailing New Content Plans Later This Week

Hitman 3 will share the details of its new year two content plans later this week, according to the developer.

Hitman 3 was released at a bit of an awkward time last year, launching in January but failing to be a lasting part of the conversation. That doesn’t mean it was bad, of course, as Hitman 3 reviews were generally positive. However, larger releases stole much of the show throughout 2021. Luckily for fans, that isn’t discouraging developer IO Interactive, which still has new stuff in the works for Hitman 3.

IO Interactive has announced that it will detail Hitman 3‘s Year 2 content plans later this week, with a 15-minute showcase stream planned for Thursday, January 13 at 6 AM PT. The developer intends to show off a healthy heap of new stuff, including an Elusive Target Arcade, PC VR, and a brand-new game mode. Plus, IO Interactive is promising some other surprises for Hitman 3 players.


The stream will be available directly through IO Interactive’s website or on YouTube. The showcase will be hosted by Clemens Koch, IO Interactive’s community manager, though little else is known about what will be shown. IO Interactive has multiple projects in the works, including a James Bond game called “Project 007,” so it’s good to see Hitman 3 receive continued support.

Hitman 3 Agent 47

Previous Hitman games have lived and died based on similar support, especially in recent years. Back in 2016, IO Interactive released a Hitman series reboot, which Hitman 3 is the third entry of, though the 2016 game was episodic. Its episodic nature was its ultimate downfall, which resulted in a lukewarm commercial reception despite its gameplay potential. Hitman 3 featured more traditional levels at launch and has received a few content updates since then, which has proven to be a better system all around.

Those content updates provide Hitman 3 players with reasons to come back. One of the most lucrative is Elusive Targets, a mode that sees special targets become available for limited windows. Players only get one shot at Elusive Targets, which makes them a special challenge for skilled players to tackle. Elusive Target Arcade could be pretty much anything, but it will likely build on the limited-opportunity concept.

IO Interactive is certainly fulfilling its promise of an evolving experience in Hitman 3. Regular content updates can breathe new life into a game, and that may yet be true with the Hitman 3 community. There are some massive games on the horizon that might distract from it, but it should at least convince some players to dip their toes back in.

Source: Gamerant

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