Hilarious Valheim Clip Shows Player Destroying House With One Attack

A group of Valheim players discovers how much damage a hammer does when one swings it at their house and destroys the settlement with one hit.

Iron Gate Studios continues to update Valheim as it evolves from an early access title into a full-fledged release, and with each patch comes some additions and tweaks. A group of Valheim players recently discovered a hammer that may do more damage than developers intended as it is capable of destroying their entire settlement with one attack.

Reddit user Taketheburgout posted a clip of their adventures with some friends in Valheim several days ago in which the five players are standing atop a house. The Valheim player states that one of the members of the group spawned a cheat hammer into the game using console commands and gave it to another before encouraging them to give the weapon a swing. The results of their one attack were apparently enough to make some players quit Valheim entirely as the overpowered weapon destroyed everything in the area.


Taketheburgout’s Valheim clip begins with one player thrusting the aforementioned hammer into the roof of their building which causes a brief stutter as the game loads all the physics involved with a crumbling building. A ripple is sent out in a circle around the building as hundreds of numbers are generated to reflect the damage inflicted on every item within the circle centralized with the player wielding the two-handed Valheim weapon. The five Valheim players fall into a small crater where the house once stood and many pieces of wood, resin, and leather scraps litter the small area.

According to Taketheburgout, the player that spawned in the cheat hammer suggested to their friends that the weapon doesn’t do much damage before the guilty player used it. Taketheburgout stated that this one event caused them to quit Valheim, likely because of the work and effort involved in acquiring the materials to build structures like the one that was destroyed. Iron Gate Studios continues to update Valheim so this cheat hammer may be nerfed like some other Valheim cheats so that it doesn’t cause as much destruction in the future as it has in Taketheburgout’s video.

Although Taketheburgout has stated that the Valheim player that spawned the cheat hammer is a friend, their actions reflect many other Valheim players that mess with others in the survival game. Perhaps discouraged by a player quitting from being trolled, one Valheim player explained to Taketheburgout how to load the game as it was before the hammer incident by going through the game’s program files. Because Valheim building materials replace objects like walls, many other players are encouraging them to rebuild rather than quit, but it’s currently unclear if they took the advice.

Valheim is available now for PC.

Source: Gamerant

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