Hilarious Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bug Turns Miles Into The Flash

An odd glitch in Spider-Man: Miles Morales causes a comic crossover that turns Miles into DC’s Scarlet Speedster, The Flash.

Miles Morales’ Venom Power in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is can look a lot like the electricity left in the wake of The Flash when he activates it in the middle of a fight. But a fan discovered a peculiar glitch that turned Miles into a speedster and made him do something even more spectacular.

The clip starts innocuously enough. The player is just swinging through New York City as Miles in the Bodega Cat Suit when their momentum gets halted as they swing into a building. No problem, as Miles can wall-run and get that momentum back pretty quickly. Except in this instance, the moment Miles rounds the corner to the outside of the building, he picks up ridiculous speed and turns into The Flash.


This strange mixup of comic book character abilities sees Miles run off into the horizon, running through numerous buildings without breaking stride, and continues going seemingly still running on an invisible wall on the water. He’s reaches a distant Brooklyn background in seconds and keeps going, clipping through buildings with decreasing render quality. He’s still running as the video ends and there’s no resolution as to what happens to the character model afterward.

The video posted to the r/SpidermanPS4 subreddit by user Macsilver18 has the caption “My Name is Miles Morales, and I’m the Fastest Man Alive,” an obvious play on the opening intro dialogue from The Flash TV show on The CW. Commenters made up hilarious reasons as to where Miles is going. Running to Symkaria to bring back Peter Parker is the most popular choice. That’s not far off as Miles runs so far going past Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island that he’s out over open water in no time.

One peculiar observation can be made as to the background environment in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is surprisingly rendered beyond the buildings normally seen from Manhattan. Even though the textures of the buildings aren’t fully loaded in, there has been some thought to some of their designs. Most of them aren’t simple Hollywood wooden prop sets but have dimension and variety in height, at least for the first few levels of the horizon. Then as Miles continues running, it does degrade into prop up set buildings.

Spider-Man’s adversaries can probably rest easy as this is only a glitch and not another new gift Miles has accidentally discovered. A Spider-Man with superspeed would be great to have around the neighborhood though.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now available on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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