Hilarious Spider-Man 2 Bug Turns Miles into White Cube


  • Spider-Man 2 players may encounter a bug that turns Miles Morales into a tiny white cube, affecting animations and visibility.
  • The bug seems to randomly appear when switching suits with Miles though restarting the game can temporarily fix the issue until a patch is released.
  • In the meantime, Insomniac highly recommends downloading the Day One Update for an enhanced gaming experience.

A new bug in Spider-Man 2 turns Miles Morales into a tiny white cube, which looks a bit awkward as he swings around New York and fights enemies. After all of the trailers and pre-launch excitement, Insomniac has finally launched the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2, once again letting players explore an even bigger open world. In addition to Manhattan and Harlem, Spider-Man 2‘s map expands to include additional boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn.

Naturally, with even more space to interact with, Insomniac has made sure players have plenty to do, by bringing back side quests and other activities like Photo opportunities. While Fast Travel is still available in Spider-Man 2, the game features plenty of alternative methods for getting around the map outside of swinging including wind tunnels that can be used in conjunction with build in gliders to the suits, letting players zoom above the city streets incredibly fast. However, considering the size of the world Insomniac has created, sometimes, a few bugs and issues can slip through the cracks.

While playing through Spider-Man 2, switching suits with Miles Morales triggered a bug that turned the character into a tiny white square. As if that wasn’t odd enough, the square still used Miles’ voice lines and had full access to the normal set of moves including web swinging around New York and combat as seen in a side mission that involved saving a person from enemies. What’s even stranger is that after the thugs were taken out by the white cube, the NPC civilian needed to be taken to a nearby ambulance, so the carry animation played out like it would have with a normal character model, but simple appeared to be floating above the white cube.

Some commentors indicated that they to hard seen a similar issue while changing suits in Spider-Man 2, while one player saw a different issue where the home screen only showed a floating head with the body being totally invisible. One user named bogdanbarbu6596 indicated that restarting the game entirely fixed the bug, at least until Insomniac can fix it outright with a patch down the road. While the bug itself isn’t game breaking, it certainly makes it impossible to see the various animations Miles is currently in including his positioning.

While this suit glitch will remain in place for a little while longer, Insomniac is encouraging all Spider-Man 2 players to download the Day One Update. For physical edition owners, the game can be played with the original build from start to finish though the Day One update is highly recommended because it adds an additional level of polish, accessibility options, as well as some other “general refinements” which Insomniac believes will further improve the overall experience.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available now on PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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