Hilarious Skyrim Clip Shows Player Being Betrayed By J’Zargo

When playing The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, gamers will find themselves in a number of unexpected situations. Every playthrough of the game will be unique as the events that can occur will change constantly. Skyrim is worth replaying due to the fact that every run through it will be different and full of surprises every time.

Since gamers can never truly predict what can happen in a game of Skyrim, they will meet unexpected deaths as there are multitudes of ways to die. Sometimes death is something that a player can see coming and other times it will catch them completely off guard, leading to a game over screen.


A Redditor known as Rind3rFilet uploaded a clip of them dying unexpectedly. In the video, the player is seen using a levitation pad to float up to a ledge and begin to gain their footing. However, just as they are settling on the edge their Khajiit companion J’zargo runs up and walks into them. This causes Rind3rFilet to be pushed back, causing the Skyrim gamer to fall back down and die instantly. It is a tragic event, especially since it was not an enemy that killed the player, but their trusty companion instead.

Users on Reddit are finding the situation that Rind3rFilet ended up in to be hilarious. One commenter stated that J’zargo displayed typical cat behavior by knocking something off of an edge. Many sympathize with Rind3rFilet, saying that this has happened to them a number of times as well, and not just with J’zargo but other Skyrim companions, too. It was also mentioned that if the Archmage fell down a levitation pad, they probably should not have been an Archmage.

Rind3rFilet’s death is not the only funny Skyrim moment that a player has shared. A gamer going by the handle MajorOfCrime uploaded a clip of themselves in werewolf mode being held up by a thief. In the video the player is running through the game’s world when they are confronted by an NPC who is trying to rob them. At first MajorOfCrime tries to intimidate the thief, but their attempts do not work on the enemy. As the player starts to walk away, they are forced to engage in combat, easily defeating the NPC. It was an interesting and amusing predicament for the gamer to find themselves in, as no one in their right minds would try to rob a werewolf.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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