Hilarious Sea of Thieves Clip Shows Player Ending Tutorial on Fire

A Sea of Thieves player ends their Maiden Voyage by lighting their sloop on fire as it sails to the horizon and the various logos flash on the screen.

Rare released Sea of Thieves without a tutorial back in 2018, but after some fan feedback, the developer eventually offered a tutorial called the Maiden Voyage. One Sea of Thieves fan has decided to make a spectacle of their tutorial experience with a perfectly timed ship fire.

Reddit user Zilig20 recently shared a clip of their final moments in the Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage in which they are nearing the section that triggers the Sea of Thieves, Xbox Game Studios, and Rare logos. The tutorial typically ends with the pirate sailing solo into the sunset with their sloop, effectively setting up the early experience of the official game, but Zilig20’s ideal conclusion to the Sea of Thieves introduction is to ignite their small vessel. As a result of their fiery actions, the aforementioned logos all have a fire effect added to them which makes them stand out more.


Zilig20’s Sea of Thieves clip begins with the pirate facing the wheel of their sloop as it is fully on fire from the deck of the boat to the Crow’s Nest. The Sea of Thieves fan looks around to highlight the tremendous damage as the boat remains unimpeded and continues to sail towards the horizon. Turning to face the sail ropes, the Sea of Thieves player loses control of their pirate as the tutorial finishes and the camera zooms out to show the burning sloop sailing by a shipwreck under a plume of smoke leading to a Skeleton Fort, one of the original raids before Sea Fort Raids were added.

Sea of Thieves players are known for setting their pirate ships on fire before logging off as Zilig20 has done in their Maiden Voyage, but very few end the tutorial with a blaze as perfectly timed as Zilig20. There are a handful of things in Sea of Thieves that can cause a ship to catch on fire like in Zilig20’s clip, but the main resource pirates use to catch their own boats on fire is the Firebomb, which can be used to ignite enemy and allied ships alike. Sea of Thieves players have come up with several other hilarious ways to sink ships since the game’s 2018 release with the tools added to the game through updates.

Because the Sea of Thieves tutorial concludes before Zilig20 dies, the player likely dodged any consequences for the ship fire just like players that do this before logging off. Although the tutorial is usually for new Sea of Thieves players, Zilig20 has confirmed that it took them upwards of six attempts to time their sloop fire so perfectly.

Sea of Thieves is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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