Hilarious Red Dead Redemption Bug Shows Horse Turning Into an NPC

One of the stranger Red Dead Redemption 2 glitches has popped up recently where an NPC comes running up to Arthur after he whistles for his horse.

Red Dead Redemption 2, just like any game that has been around for a decent amount of time is going to have a glitch occur every now and then. Some of those RDR2 glitches can actually be game breaking that at times make the title feel unplayable while others, such as one that makes the players horse an NPC are quite humorous.

In terms of video game time, the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 was released back in 2018 means that it’s been out on the market for quite a while. That’s why it’s no real surprise that every now and then something goes rather wrong in the game. There are all kinds of reports of people out there who have found one weird misfire or another over the years. Some even feel like it’s become a kind of competition to find the weirdest or funniest bug they can and post it on social media.


Redditor kawaiileafy is the latest person to run across a very funny Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch and they wasted little time taking to the site to show it off. They posted a short video that shows Arthur Morgan whistling for his horse as dozens of RDR2 players have done countless numbers of times over the years. However, after Morgan whistles, it’s not his horse that comes running. Instead, it’s a man that rushes up, first looking as if he might be on the attack. The video then shows that in fact, this NPC is supposed to be the horse and starts running along with Arthur wherever he goes.

Several of the other Reddit users in the thread laughed at the NPC’s behavior while talking about some of the more interesting RDR2 bugs and glitches they’d seen pop up before. Some users even reported that they had seen similar instances of Arthur’s horse suddenly appearing as other animals, including a cougar at least once.

The discussion quickly turned to whether or not kawaiileafy had actually gotten to ride the NPC that was supposed to be Arthur’s horse. It appears that the Redditor decided that discretion was the better part of valor and didn’t explicitly answer if they had even tried. However, other users explained that they had seen the cougar actually get ridden as if it was still their trusty steed.

When it comes to odd behavior like this, there truly isn’t a shortage of oddities that can pop up in game. The funny and weird glitches also aren’t limited to Red Dead Redemption 2. There are plenty of odd little happenings in the online offering that comes with the game such as the Red Dead Online NPC that seemingly transformed into a zombie.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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