Hilarious Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Video Shows Wooper Having a Press Conference About Its New Form

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates a unique video that shows Wooper at a press conference table to address its new form and typing.

Regional forms have become a staple of the Pokemon universe, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce its own set of fresh forms for existing Pokemon. One Pokemon fan has decided to make a video showing the recently revealed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version of Wooper having a press conference about its appearance and typing.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have confirmed Wooper as the first Paldean form in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, sparking many to speculate on what existing Pokemon will receive makeovers in the upcoming titles. Reddit user Dracola112 posted a brief Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video yesterday showing the new regional form for Wooper, which is brown instead of the usual aquatic blue color of the Gen 2 Pokemon. Wooper was first introduced with Pokemon Gold and Silver, and it has become a fan favorite among a portion of the community, with many particularly taking to its evolution called Quagsire.


Dracola112’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clip shows a Wooper sitting at a press conference table like an athlete after a major signing or impressive victory, and the Pokemon takes questions as such an athlete may. The first question addressing Wooper suggests that the changes made to the Pokemon’s design aren’t enough to justify the Paldean form, to which the animated Wooper talks about its typing, the objects protruding from its head, and muck-covered body as reason enough for a fresh debut. The less powerful Poison Pokemon type is brought up to Wooper next, with the press member hinting that Poison is less powerful than Wooper’s Ground and Water-type counterpart, and Wooper acknowledges that it may be inferior.

Changing the subject from Pokemon typing, Wooper quickly returns to talking about the “goop and slime” covering its body before taking the next question at the press conference in Dracola112’s video. The final question causes Wooper to storm out of the press conference with Scyther acting as its coach after someone asks the Gen 2 Pokemon if it’s trying to step out of Mudkip’s shadow, a Ground and Water-type Pokemon with an even larger following. Scyther waves the press off in the final moments by saying that the show’s over and further questions should be reserved for the future as the two Pokemon leave the scene.

Interested in its Typing changes, several Pokemon fans expressed enthusiasm about Paldean Wooper in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compared to its Gen 2 counterpart, with one noting that it will be great to use against Fairy-type Pokemon. Several Pokemon fans have taken the opportunity to thank Dracola112 for their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video while requesting more content from them in the future as they anticipate more trailers ahead of the full release of the games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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