Hilarious Party Animals Clip is a Reminder Not to Celebrate Too Early


  • Party Animals is a fun party game with physics-based combat and unexpected moments that can surprise gamers.
  • A recent video shared on Reddit showcases a hilarious moment in the game where a player jumps off the arena thinking they won, only for the player they threw off to somehow manage to survive.
  • While the gameplay may not have much depth, Party Animals is a great game to play with friends and offers chaotic situations that make for memorable experiences.

An amusing Party Animals video has recently shown gamers that victory and loss in party games may come in very unexpected ways. Party Animals is a fun party game that has physics-based brawler combat, and sometimes gravity simply does not seem to be on a certain player’s side.

Party Animals is quite similar to the popular Gang Beasts while having a larger budget. It was released on September 20, and can either be bought for PC and Xbox or played with a Game Pass subscription. The party game has plenty of memorable moments for fans of the genre and can surprise gamers in several ways due to its wacky physics.

One of these surprises can be seen in a hilarious short 15-second clip that was recently shared on Reddit by trb3ast, who gained over 1,200 upvotes on r/XboxSeriesX. In the video, it’s possible to see a few players fighting and trying to throw each other’s Party Animals characters around on top of a flying plane during a match. Initially, a gamer using the walrus Chuggers drops the one playing as Bacon, the pig, from the plane, and then focuses on the dinosaur Underbite, which is being controlled by trb3ast. A hilarious moment happens when Underbite is thrown off of the plane, only to grab one of the plane’s propellers and jump back into the fight, while the Chuggers jump into the abyss, believing the fight was already over, and that they had won.

Many Redditors in the comments of the post were amazed by this plot twist, describing the video as incredible. Part of what makes Party Animals one of the best party games to play with friends is just how wacky everything is. With gameplay that focuses on brawling, and comes with several weapons, characters, and a fun loop, gamers often get thrown into very chaotic situations such as the one in trb3ast’s video when trying out Party Animals. While the gameplay does not have a lot of depth, the title is quite fun for gaming with friends and allows up to eight people to play together at the same time.

Aside from the new Party Animals, Xbox gamers have several options for party games and multiplayer titles on Game Pass. Gang Beasts, for instance, offers a pretty similar experience to this game. Other titles such as Overcooked 2 focus on cooperating instead, as players have to cater to a chaotic kitchen while living through disasters and trying to finish meals.

Party Animals is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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