Hilarious Overwatch Video Spotlights Awful Reinhardt Battle

An Overwatch player shows what happens when two Reinhardts collide in a mess of hammers, shields, and muscle in this goofy video.

Overwatch wowed gamers back in 2015 with its diverse cast of characters, abilities and gameplay that caused the game to be an instant hit. With objective-based game modes and maps, team mates often have to work together in Overwatch in order to deliver a payload or prevent said delivery, often resulting in teams of tanks, damage dealers and supports blasting each other at important choke points and tactical positions. In one such brawl, two Reinhardt players duked it out in what can only be described as a fantastic mess of action.


Reinhardt is one of eight tank characters in Overwatch, with tanks being recognisable for their high health pools, large models and ability to soak damage. Reinhardt particularly is known for his shield, which can absorb hundreds of points of damage before breaking. This shield ability made Reinhardt a welcoming character for new players, though experienced Overwatch players used the character to create impressive plays, such as one Overwatch player that used Reinhardt as a dive tank.

On the other hand, Reinhardt and any Overwatch character can be involved in goofy and hilarious moments, such as in one video posted to Reddit by user u/Lhbrown1990 where two Reinhardts are shown duelling each other. The video lasts for over a minute, which is a long time by Overwatch standards, and shows the Reinhardt’s using every ability at their disposal in an attempt to kill the other. What helps drag this battle out to its extraordinary length is the fact that both had a healer in the form of Mercy following them around and making sure they don’t die. Mercy has long been a fan favorite in Overwatch, with fans creating tributes and fan art of the healer, such as one piece that combined Mercy with the Joker.

Despite the tedious length of the brawl, both the player and commenters on the post described the fight as a fun one. To end the fight, both Reinhardt’s end up dead, which was what many commenters described as the perfect ending. Others jokingly commented that the reason they survived for so long was because of a recent buff that made Reinhardt much stronger.

With Overwatch 2 still likely a way off, due to a recent delay announcement made by Blizzard, fans of the shooter will have to be content with the first game for now. Though, if there are plays as hilarious and impressive as two Reinhardts duking it out for over a minute, then Overwatch will likely still keep impressing its fans for some time to come.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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