Hilarious Overwatch Clip Shows Brigitte Player Countering a Toxic Widowmaker

Despite being several years old, the Overwatch fan base continues to share entertaining and unique clips of their best plays or strange moments that happen in their matches. Recently, an Overwatch player shared a particularly memorable video that sees them messing with a toxic opponent, and it should get a smile out of many viewers.

Toxicity in Overwatch is as frustrating as it is in any other game, and sadly, it is also prevalent. As such, everyone that has tried the game has likely run into a rude teammate or enemy, with said players damaging the experience of playing the hero shooter. This makes a recent clip from Reddit user pjaguar even more entertaining, as the Redditor manages to get revenge on a rude enemy. With most Overwatch players having dealt with problematic allies and opponents, everyone should find the footage satisfying.


In the clip, pjaguar is seen playing as Brigitte. The Support hero is one of the best at damaging single targets, as she boasts several abilities that help her close the distance and take down her foes. However, pjaguar only uses the Rocket Flail’s Whip Shot to damage their target. In the clip, the player is seen closing the distance on an enemy Widowmaker, using their shield to get closer. They then begin to “boink” the sniper, hitting her when she attempts to grapple away. Injured, the Widowmaker runs for a health pack.

The Brigitte fan does not let the enemy Widowmaker flee, though, following her back to her spawn. They manage to land another Whip Shot right before the Widowmaker touches the health pack, launching her away from the source of healing. With their grapple hook recharging and the Brigitte player cutting them off from some health, the toxic Widowmaker’s only hope is to run away. This does not work, however, as they are “boinked” one final time by pjaguar and eliminated.

In true toxic fashion, the first thing that the enemy Widowmaker does is criticize pjaguar for their choice of Overwatch hero, acting as if Brigitte being overpowered is the reason they died. The laugh track that plays in the background while the angry Widowmaker makes these comments is an excellent touch, and it is great to see a rude player struggling. With the entirety of the video framed as a step-by-step tutorial for how to counter toxic Widowmakers, Brigitte fans can copy pjauar’s strategy. With over 10,000 upvotes, the Overwatch community has clearly gotten a kick out of the Widowmaker player getting their comeuppance.

While there are plenty of funny Overwatch clips on the internet, few manage to be as fulfilling as this one. Next time someone encounters a toxic player in one of their matches, giving this video a watch could be an easy way to relieve some stress.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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