Hilarious Overwatch 2 Clip Shows D.Va Bombs Wiping Out Both Teams At The Same Time


  • An entertaining Overwatch 2 clip showed a double D.Va bomb resulting in a double Team Kill, showcasing the destructive capabilities of D.Va’s ultimate.
  • Only characters with barriers, immunity abilities, or cover can survive a D.Va bomb without taking major damage, but a recent buff to Cassidy allows him to survive with a well-timed Combat Roll.
  • The addition of a new tank hero in Overwatch 2’s next season is likely to influence the meta, and they could potentially have abilities that can counter D.Va’s ultimate, though players will have to wait and see.

A hilarious Overwatch 2 clip recently showed a team fight come to a rapid conclusion with a double D.Va bomb. This legendary Overwatch 2 mirror match resulted in a double Team Kill for the ages.

D.Va’s ultimate, Self-Destruct, is the highest-damage ability in Overwatch 2. The notorious technique has wiped out countless teams in the past, with not even the tankiest Overwatch 2 heroes able to eat a full-damage blast without major mitigation abilities.

A recent clip shared by Overwatch 2 player LaVinos_03 on Reddit showed off one of the wildest displays of D.Va’s destructive capabilities imaginable. According to the post, LaVinos_03’s sister was playing on their account when a team fight broke out near the castle doors on the Eichenwalde map in Overwatch 2. Each team’s tank–both of which were playing D.Va–activated their ults at the same time, sending their mechs forward into the enemy team. All 10 players proceeded to be unable to avoid the other D.Va’s bomb, resulting in all of their deaths, triggering a Team Kill announcement for both sides.

With a damage cap of 1000 at close range, few characters can survive a D.Va bomb without barriers, immunity abilities, or by simply taking cover. However, a recent buff to Cassidy actually allows the gunslinging Overwatch 2 hero to survive D.Va ultimate at close range using a well-timed Combat Roll.

LaVinos_03’s fellow Overwatch 2 fans got a kick out of the clip of mutually-assured destruction, and couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that no one on either team evaded the blasts. Others shared stories of their own D.Va-related escapades, including one where two D.Va’s and two Echos replicated four of the Overwatch 2 hero’s ultimates at the same time.

Though the massive damage and radius of Self-Destruct has solidified D.Va’s ultimate as one of the most devastating abilities in Overwatch 2, another tank hero is about to join the roster. Hints and easter eggs in Overwatch 2’s new map suggest Mauga, former partner-in-crime of Baptiste, is a likely candidate, though many also hope D.Va’s fellow MEKA squadmate, D.Mon, joins instead. Neither character is likely to have an ability as game-changing as the D.Va bomb, but the new tank hero’s abilities will definitely influence the meta once they arrive in Season 8. Players will have to wait and see if the next Overwatch 2 hero’s abilities have a way to save them from D.Va’s infamous ultimate.

Overwatch 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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