Hilarious Meme Explains Silent Hill Game Plots With Peep Show

One fan of Silent Hill attempts to explain the plots of the first four games with screenshots taken from the dark comedy British sitcom Peep Show.

The Silent Hill franchise is well known for its portrayals of seemingly ordinary people being driven to madness and death. The British sitcom Peep Show is also notorious for offering a window into its characters’ mundane, miserable, and absolutely hilarious lives. One fan of both series recently decided to sum up the plots of the first four Silent Hill games with a single screenshot each from Peep Show.

Each of the first four Silent Hill games is a survival horror classic, but they’re also the peak of the franchise’s psychological horror. From Harry Mason’s desperate search for his missing daughter to Henry Townshend’s struggle to escape his mysteriously locked apartment, these games have some of the most chilling moments in gaming history. However, they also draw on the kind of mundane absurdities that Peep Show used to make audiences laugh.


Redditor Hatether started off by drawing a comparison between the plot of the original Silent Hill, which focused on Harry Mason searching the increasingly creepy and overtly supernatural town for his lost daughter, and a scene where Mark scrambles around an indoor play area searching for his own child. Next, the user used a screenshot of a bedridden Mark about to drink poison from the episode where Jeremy poisons Mark with cold medicine to sum up the plot of Silent Hill 2, which is by far the most psychological of the four titles. It’s ambiguous how many of the game’s events are just happening in protagonist James Sunderland’s head and how many are horrifically real. Either way, the game deals with the aftermath of his wife’s hospitalization.

Silent Hill 3, which focuses on a cult trying to exert control over a young woman’s life and body, is connected to a screenshot of Sophie descending dramatically from a stairway while wearing a princess hat and a terrifying grin. While the screenshot is taken from an episode about an uncomfortable birthday party, applying it to Silent Hill 3 makes it even more uncanny. The final screenshot focuses on Jeremy trying a door while announcing that “Someone’s double-locked it.” This is taken from an episode where Mark and Jeremy get themselves locked between a flat and the front of the building–similar to the premise of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

As of writing, it appears that other fans find this graphic uncomfortably accurate and hilarious. Several users expressed surprise or excitement at seeing these two specific franchises crossed over. Two users immediately began sharing quotes from the show, altered to include the psychological horror themes of Silent Hill. Another user stated they were now envisioning Silent Hill with Super Hans as the protagonist of all four games.

Source: Gamerant

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