Hilarious Halo Infinite Animation Shows What Life is Like for Marines in the Game

A fan-made animation offers a glimpse into the lives of marines working with Master Chief, showing how hard fighting with a super soldier can be.

Since Halo Infinite‘s launch, players have been posting tons of content. This ranges from clips of players showing off their skills in multiplayer to videos displaying wacky enemies or features in the Halo Infinite campaign.

Recently, a fan animation was released showing how marines in Master Chief’s squad fare when working with the superhuman Spartan. In the past, Chief has been less than kind to his fellow soldiers, with players allowed to kill UNSC marines or take their weapons in previous games. However, the video displays Master Chief prepping marines for battle by arming and driving them to their destination while treating them nicely (for the most part).


The animator, Reddit user Zhorin343, posted the clip and dubbed it “The Halo Infinite Marine Experience.” They said they used the animation software Blender to create the animation, and noted the software is free. They also linked their YouTube in the comments section, allowing users to view other wacky animations on their channel.

The clip starts out with a very popular Halo Infinite reference, with Master Chief receiving a mission to find Craig the brute and be friends with him. One wacky, spinning cutaway later and Chief is banging on a machine that spits out 4 rocket launchers. He gives the launchers to marines, as Halo Infinite marines with strong weapons can be a huge advantage. Chief then calls in a razorback, which 2 marines walk under as it falls out of the sky, killing them. After recruiting 2 more marines, Chief lies on the horn and gets going with his new squad. Unfortunately, seconds into the mission, Chief’s Razorback is sent flying by the famous actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s head.

Users loved the video, praising Zhorin343’s animation skills and making fun of the wacky marines in Halo Infinite. One user joked the video wasn’t realistic because all the marines hopped into the razorback. Another aired their frustrations about marines stepping onto the landing pad, and recalls the time when a wasp was delivered with a marine glitched into the tail. Yet another user told the story of their razorback flipping and their freshly recruited squad of marines simply running away into the wilderness, never to return.

Creativity like Zhorin343’s is what really brings games to life and creates a sense of community for players. Like Halo Infinite‘s Craig the brute, it would be no surprise to see Zhorin343’s video become a new community meme. Based on the reaction, it is clear that players would love to see more of Craig and The Rock together going forward.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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