Hilarious Edit Adds The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s HUD To The Netflix Series

Whether talking about The Witcher show, video games, or books, the franchise has plenty of fans who love to make special and funny tributes.

While The Witcher games and books didn’t really need the boost, the Netflix series has certainly helped ramp up the popularity of the franchise. That rise in popularity has also seen a rise in fans paying fun and funny tributes to all The Witcher adaptations, such as a recent concoction that combined the games and the Netflix show into one entertaining clip.

Because both the games and the streaming show are based on a series of books, there’s plenty out there for fans to play around with, should the mood strike them. Some of these fan creations are a little more serious and meant to be helpful to the community in general, such as a Witcher map that was created by Warsaw University students and showed the entire continent that the stories center around.


However, Reddit user SuspiciousGlassYT’s creation was less about helping any players, readers, or watchers understand the lore. Instead, they just decided that it might be fun to see what The Witcher Netflix series looked like if it had the same kind of HUD that The Witcher 3 video game boasts, and the result of their hard work is certainly interesting.

SuspiciousGlassYT captured a video from The Witcher Netflix show where Geralt is facing off against a gang of bandits. Superimposed over the video is the minimap that The Witcher 3 fans are quite accustomed to, along with the small readout that shows the time of day and the weather conditions. On the left-hand side of the screen is the health meter for Geralt alongside how much stamina he has left. The same kind of health meters floats over the bandits as the fight commences. After the first baddie’s arrow lets fly, the video skips ahead to show Geralt standing alone with his health meter somewhat diminished.

As shown via the post’s title, the clip is meant to showcase the Redditor’s poor arrow deflection skills, with the loss of health coming from the enemy’s arrow. Several other Reddit users expressed their appreciation for the work that had been done, especially the level of detail that had gone into the HUD. Several people noticed that the minimap reflected where the fight in the show had actually taken place, which was a nice touch.

With a Season 3 of The Witcher slated to start production soon, it stands to reason that fans will continue making creations in a similar vein to this. However, this particular video sets a hilariously high bar.

The Witcher Seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

Source: Gamerant

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