Hilarious Battlefield 2042 Clip Shows Bird Messing With Downed Player

A Battlefield 2042 clip shows a downed player stuck in a strange position and a passing seagull that decides to steal the spotlight.

Battlefield 2042 has had major troubles since its launch back in November. Ranging from poor gameplay to a myriad of bugs and glitches such as the broken takedown issues, the game needs a series of major overhauls to clean up all of its problems.

With DICE launching another round of fixes for the game, hopefully some major issues will be worked out so that players and developers can reach a common ground. However, regardless of feelings about the game, players aren’t going to stop capturing strange bugs and funny moments before the issues are resolved.


One of these strange Battlefield 2042 moments came in the form of a downed player in a strange pose and a very low-res seagull that decided to float across the screen. The moment was captured by Reddit user fantastic_fredd28.

Recently, a new meme was spawned when a Battlefield 2042 skin looked like Woody from Toy Story, and much like the toys in that movie, the seagull shown in fantastic_fredd28’s video decided it wasn’t going to move a muscle as it floated across the screen. The bird almost looked like a 2-dimensional image that was pasted onto the screen, especially because it was very low-res. Then, when it exited the frame, fantastic_fredd28 turned to continue looking at it, only to find the seagull had vanished. The entire seagull saga almost completely overshadowed the fact that fantastic_fredd28’s character seems to be doing sit-ups while downed.

Like the spoof game Clownfield, many users were quick to criticize the game’s buggy nature, while others joked about the bird’s antics and fantastic_fredd28’s pose. Some users joked that the seagull was easily the most realistic bird they’d ever seen. One user linked the “birds aren’t real” subreddit in response to the post. Another user made fun of fantastic_fredd28’s character, saying they had to work on their 6-pack until they died. Yet another user jokingly told other users to leave the low-res seagull alone, saying “you’re hurting the polygon’s feelings.”

Until DICE fixes all the bugs and glitches still present in the game, players will still be plagued by the detrimental ones while enjoying others such as floating, teleporting seagulls and player characters ab-crunching themselves to death. With EA showing reduced public support for Battlefield 2042, only time will tell whether DICE will be able to right the sinking ship and turn Battlefield 2042‘s failures into successes.

Battlefield 2042 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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