Hideo Kojima Teases ‘Radical Project’ With New Year’s Message

A tweet from Hideo Kojima celebrating the New Year sees the industry icon giving fans a tease of his next ‘radical’ project in development.

Hideo Kojima has established himself as one of the most iconic names in the video game industry, working a variety of properties over the years. It’s no surprise that his name and studio, Kojima Productions, are rife with rumor and speculation about upcoming works. He is also quite open and active on social media, as seen through Kojima’s posts on Twitter, where he regularly discusses games, movies, or other aspects of the media industry. These sometimes add fuel to the fire about what he is working on.


Many of Kojima’s posts are intentional teases, even if it’s something innocent. Just a few days ago, Kojima posted a tweet celebrating the holiday season that dropped a small hint of what his next project will be. It includes a piece of artwork in the same style as Yoji Shinkawa, an artist who has been with Kojima since the two worked on the Metal Gear franchise at Konami. One of Kojima’s latest tweets provides another tease, as he tells his fans that he is working on a “radical project.”

In this tweet, Kojima announces that he is starting a new work “in earnest” and will be moving to a phase of experimentation for this project. This comes attached with the same artwork that was posted on Christmas, with three characters in Kojima Productions branded clothing. This image is accompanied with Kojima’s “From Sapiens to Ludens” company message, alongside the art’s striking blue, black, and grey tones.

The tweet also notes how Kojima is looking to get his video team ready, and that he is also looking to start his own radio project. This might line up with how Kojima Productions started a dedicated TV and Music Division, where the video team may be working on the former and the music division could be connected to the latter. It is also possible that Kojima’s video team could be working on aspects of an unannounced game, though this is purely speculation for the time being.

In a recent interview, Kojima teased he may have two games currently in development, with this “radical” project possibly being one of them. The rumors that have been swirling around his next project range from a new Silent Hill game to a Death Stranding sequel, based on another cryptic tweet from Kojima involving Norman Reedus. Once again, these are just rumors, so it’s not yet clear what the next project from Kojima Productions will be. Based on these teases, though, it is clear that Kojima is excited to work on it.

Source: Gamerant

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