Here’s What the Halo Theme Song Sounds Like When Played on a Classical Guitar

One musician takes it upon himself to write a version of the Halo theme for the classical guitar, and the results are stellar.

In response to a YouTube comment stating that the Halo theme would sound like “trash” on a classical guitar, YouTuber Beyond The Guitar picked up his instrument and put together a soulful, melodic rendition of the classic first-person shooter theme. Incorporating everything from the choral chanting in the intro to the deep, bassy strings and percussion for which the track is known, Beyond The Guitar certainly didn’t back away from the challenge of doing justice to the Halo theme on an unorthodox instrument.


Initially, it’s a bit difficult to find similarities between the songs, as the introduction sounds very different without the iconic chorus. It doesn’t quite carry the same weight as the original version, with the solo guitar notes offering a mellower feel when compared to the blood-churning rush of a full chorus. Of course, attempting to replicate that sort of gravitas on a lone instrument would be impossible, but Beyond The Guitar’s not the only musician attempting to transpose Halo‘s theme, as the acclaimed rock band Twenty One Pilots performed a rendition of the song in October 2021.

Amassing well over one million views in roughly two weeks, this video stands as one of the YouTuber’s most popular, though a two-year-old video titled “3 Beautiful DreamWorks Themes On Guitar” in which he performs acoustic versions of the Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and How To Train Your Dragon themes stills leads it by roughly 400,000 views. With just over 500,000 subscribers, Beyond The Guitar has made quite a name for himself among classical guitar aficionados, and he’s covered other famous songs and themes such as Bart Howard’s “Fly Me To The Moon” and the theme for the popular Netflix series Squid Game—a show YouTube frequenters may have picked up on following YouTuber Mr. Beast’s massive recreation.

Incorporating various different methods and styles in his video, Beyond The Guitar seems to be quite the virtuoso. Trading deliberate fingerpicking for percussive slapping and an aggressive riff midway through the song, there’s years of experience and an excellent ear on display here, and aspiring guitarists looking to give this piece a go can purchase a transcribed version online. It doesn’t seem like an easy feat, but learning the piece may be easier than progressing through Halo Infinite‘s notoriously-slow battle pass.

Additionally, those hoping to add this version of the Halo theme to their playlists can check Beyond The Guitar out on Spotify where he hosts an audience of more than 100,000 listeners. Halo fans can score four months of Spotify Premium through their Xbox Game Pass subscriptions as well.

Source: Gamerant

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