Here’s What Pokemon Sword and Shield Would Look Like If Made for Game Boy Color

A retro Pokemon fan creates a Game Boy Color-inspired animation of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s biggest moments including selecting a starter Pokemon.

Nintendo released Pokemon Sword and Shield back in 2019 and fans continue to express their enthusiasm for the Nintendo Switch generation of Pokemon since. One such Pokemon fan has recreated some of the key moments from Pokemon Sword and Shield in the graphical style of the Game Boy Color which has gone viral on social media.

Popular Pokemon artist Sindorman has imagined the Nintendo Switch Pokemon titles on Game Boy Color, creating various videos showing the most pivotal moments in the eighth generation. Sindorman’s initial Pokemon Sword and Shield video shows the main character and Hop picking their starter Pokemon between the grass-type Grookey, fire-type Scorbunny, and water-type Sobble. The graphical style used for Sindorman’s Pokemon Sword and Shield Game Boy clips appears similar to the late Game Boy Color releases, while the color pallet is used to maximum potential.


Before choosing their starter between the three differing types of dancing Pokemon sprites, the main character is interrupted by Hop who is represented by an extremely accurate sprite that takes up about one-twelfth of the screen above his chat bubble. Upon observing each of the Galarian starter Pokemon, a small window appears to show them in action similar to Game Boy Color Pokemon titles such as Pokemon Yellow. Continuing to reflect Sword and Shield, these brief sprite animations effectively act as they would in the newer titles as Sobble cries, Scorbunny cheers triumphantly, and Grookey smacks its stick on the ground.

The initial moments of Pokemon Sword and Shield aren’t the only moments Sindorman has captured in the Game Boy Color aesthetic as many other eight-generation Pokemon moments have been reimagined as well. Another important Sword and Shield moment that Sindorman has created through Game Boy Color visuals is meeting Marnie and Team Yell when players go to register for the Gym challenge. This scene showed sprites of Marnie and a Team Yell grunt, with Marnie’s name initially appearing as a series of question marks similar to the rival of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The Game Boy Color visual style isn’t the only retro aspect of Sindorman’s Pokemon Sword and Shield videos as they also feature Chiptune music that original Pokemon fans would feel familiar with. Team Yell notably has similar music to the rival from Pokemon Red and Blue, while Sindorman credits a Postwick second-generation Sword and Shield remix created by YouTube content creator Coatlesscarl for the Chiptune used for selecting a starter Pokemon. Sindorman’s Sword and Shield Game Boy Color recreation is simply a proof of concept animation and was never intended to be playable.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available right now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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