Hearthstone’s next big patch will add 75 ‘Buddies’ to Battlegrounds and nerf a bunch of cards

Patch 22.2 will bring changes to all Hearthstone’s main modes, but the focus is on Battlegrounds.

Like seemingly much of the Hearthstone playerbase, I consider myself a Battlegrounds main these days. So the big patch that follows a new card set has become the more exciting drop to me. Blizzard has even taken to giving Battlegrounds its own pre-release cycle with content creators doing exclusive reveals. The thrust of those this week has been the announcement of Battlegrounds “Buddies”, which will go live with patch 22.2 on Tuesday, January 25.  

Buddies are a new mechanic, and every hero will have its own Buddy card which can’t be acquired from the shop. Instead, you get your Buddy by filling up a meter, which is done by performing specific actions (popping Divine Shields, for example) over the course of a game. Once the meter is half full you receive your first Buddy. Completely fill the meter, and you’ll get another two Buddies, creating a golden version if you still have the first Buddy in hand. 

Blizzard explains: “After both sections have been filled, the Buddy Meter breaks and is no longer available for the rest of the match (regardless of whether you tripled your Buddy or sold any copies off along the way).” It sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty simple. RDU breaks it down in the video below.

Because each buddy is unique to its Hero, it means 75 new minions are being added to the game. As you’d expect, the Buddies’ abilities synergise very specifically with the play style of the Hero they accompany. So, for instance, King Mukla’s Buddy is Crazy Monkey, a 4/4 with text that reads: “After you feed a minion a Banana, give it +1/+1.” 

There’s a gallery of–so help me god–every single one of the Buddies below. Check out the captions to see which Hero each Buddy belongs to. I think it’s safe to say they’re going to shake up the tier list of most powerful Heroes substantially. Blizzard clearly thinks so, because whilst it trials the Buddy system, it’s going to disable the varying amounts of armor Heroes currently receive to balance them. Or in other words: all bets are off next week.

Image 1 of 75

Hero: Cariel Roame
Image 2 of 75

Hero: Xyrella
Image 3 of 75

Hero: Guff Runetotem
Image 4 of 75

Hero: Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End
Image 5 of 75

Hero: Galakrond
Image 6 of 75

Hero: Dancin’ Deryl
Image 7 of 75

Hero: The Lich King
Image 8 of 75

Hero: Y’Shaarj
Image 9 of 75

Hero: Lord Barov
Image 10 of 75

Hero: Dinotamer Brann
Image 11 of 75

Hero: N’Zoth
Image 12 of 75

Hero: Trade Prince Gallywix
Image 13 of 75

Hero: Silas Darkmoon
Image 14 of 75

Hero: King Mukla
Image 15 of 75

Hero: Tavish Stormpike
Image 16 of 75

Hero Nozdormu
Image 17 of 75

Hero: Captain Eudora
Image 18 of 75

Hero: Infinite Toki
Image 19 of 75

Hero: Death Speaker Blackthorn
Image 20 of 75

Hero: Forest Warden Omu
Image 21 of 75

Hero: Overlord Saurfang
Image 22 of 75

Hero: Kael’thas Sunstrider
Image 23 of 75

Hero: Millificent Manastorm
Image 24 of 75

Hero: Illidan Stormrage
Image 25 of 75

Hero: Queen Wagtoggle
Image 26 of 75

Hero: Elise Starseeker
Image 27 of 75

Hero: Kurtrus Ashfallen
Image 28 of 75

Hero: Galewing
Image 29 of 75

Hero: George the Fallen
Image 30 of 75

Hero: Drek’Thar
Image 31 of 75

Hero: Jandice Barov
Image 32 of 75

Hero: Tess Greymane
Image 33 of 75

Hero: Tamsin Roame
Image 34 of 75

Hero: Master Nguyen
Image 35 of 75

Hero: Lord Jaraxxus
Image 36 of 75

Hero: Deathwing
Image 37 of 75

Hero: Skycap’n Kragg
Image 38 of 75

Hero: Mr. Bigglesworth
Image 39 of 75

Hero: Rakanishu
Image 40 of 75

Hero: Millhouse Manastorm
Image 41 of 75

Hero: The Curator
Image 42 of 75

Hero: Vol’jin
Image 43 of 75

Hero: Sir Finley Mrrglton
Image 44 of 75

Hero: Captain Hooktusk
Image 45 of 75

Hero: Shudderwock
Image 46 of 75

Hero: Arch-Villain Rafaam
Image 47 of 75

Hero: Mutanus the Devourer
Image 48 of 75

Hero: Chenvaala
Image 49 of 75

Hero: Zephrys, the Great
Image 50 of 75

Hero: Reno Jackson
Image 51 of 75

Hero: Bru’kan
Image 52 of 75

Hero: Ragnaros the Firelord
Image 53 of 75

Hero: Tickatus
Image 54 of 75

Hero: Al’Akir
Image 55 of 75

Hero: Malygos
Image 56 of 75

Hero: Maiev Shadowsong
Image 57 of 75

Hero: Patchwerk
Image 58 of 75

Hero: The Rat King
Image 59 of 75

Hero: Fungalmancer Flurgl
Image 60 of 75

Hero: A.F. Kay
Image 61 of 75

Hero: Sindragosa
Image 62 of 75

Hero: Edwin VanCleef
Image 63 of 75

Hero: C’Thun
Image 64 of 75

Hero: Sneed
Image 65 of 75

Hero: Greybough
Image 66 of 75

Hero: Aranna Starseeker
Image 67 of 75

Hero: Vanndar Stormpike
Image 68 of 75

Hero: The Great Akazamzarak
Image 69 of 75

Hero: Pyramad
Image 70 of 75

Hero: Cookie the Cook
Image 71 of 75

Hero: Patches the Pirate
Image 72 of 75

Hero: Ysera
Image 73 of 75

Hero: Lich Baz’hial
Image 74 of 75

Hero: Scabbs Cutterbutter
Image 75 of 75

Hero: Alexstraza

“Buddies are earned at three different rates, with those at lower Tavern Tiers being earned more quickly than those at higher Tavern Tiers,” explained Blizzard, adding that: “….there’s a limit to how much a Buddy Meter can be filled in a given round, so that no Buddy runs away with the game.” With 75 Buddies to balance, I very much suspect we’ll see about that.

Patch 22.2 will also see four new heroes added to Battlegrounds: Bru’kan, Drek’Thar, Tavish Stormpike and Vanndar Stormpike. Click on the images underneath to see their Hero Powers. It will also bring a full rating reset, extend the Hero selection timer by 10 seconds, and increase the cost of upgrading to Tavern Five by 2 gold. Oh, and Kael’thas, Silas Darkmoon, and Chenvaala will all be temporarily disabled, due to a bug discovered late in testing. Something, something, spaghetti code.

Vanndar Stormpike
Tavish Stormpike

Meanwhile, back in Standard, Team 5 is finally taking the nerfhammer to a meta so dominated by a single class that it’s widely been called Roguestone. Here’s a list of the cards being changed when 22.2 lands, which also includes some nerfs aimed at reining in egregiously powerful decks in Wild, plus a solitary buff to a notably underperforming Hero card.

Constructed balance changes

  • Shadowcrafter Scabbs: Cost increased from 7 to 8.
  • Wildpaw Gnoll: Cost increased from 5 to 6, Attack reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Cloak of Shadows: Cost increased from 3 to 4.
  • Raid the Docks: Step two requires you to play three Pirates rather than two.
  • Incanter’s Flow: Cost increased from 3 to 4.
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Cost increased from 2 to 4.
  • Rapid Fire: Cost increased from 1 to 2, damage increased from 1 to 2.
  • Rokara the Valorous: Now grants 10 armor rather than 5.

As usual, the cards which have had their power adjusted down will be eligible for a full dust refund (for a limited amount of time) once the changes take effect. 

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that a 1-Mana bump does enough to stop Shadowcrafter Scabbs’ blanket board removal from being an incredibly frustrating effect. The change to Sorcerer’s Apprentice does look like a full-on murder though, which should please everyone except Wild Mage mains. 

There are a raft of changes coming to the Duels and Mercenaries modes too, with the latter getting a whole new zone as well as more Mercenaries to level up. Until those modes get substantially more popular, I’m not going to break down the additions in detail though—you can find them in full with the patch notes. I also recommend reading our excellent State of Hearthstone in 2022 feature, which essentially cups the game and asks it to cough.

Source: PC Gamer

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