Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Has Xbox-Themed Snowboard

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, reveals that not only does he enjoy winter sports, but also owns a custom Xbox-themed snowboard.

Over the years, Xbox has produced various console iterations and the brand has certainly evolved as time went on. At the heart of most of these changes is Phil Spencer, the current head of Xbox who has become quite synonomous with Xbox as a whole. Spencer has also maintained a significant connection with the Xbox community via social media, where he recently revealed a cool personal fact about himself.

One of the more compelling aspects of Spencer’s presence within the gaming community is his ability to relate to and support practically all aspects of gaming. Outside of the advancements that Xbox has made, Spencer has also praised the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and various other pieces of gaming hardware. Obviously, his connection to the Xbox brand is much more prominent. Case in point, his custom Xbox snowboard.


Over on Twitter, Spencer posted a picture of him snowboarding at Crystal Mountain in Washington State, but what’s interesting to note is his snowboard. Not only is the snowboard custom made, but it also has various Xbox embellishments, including the buttons featured on the Xbox controller. It certainly shows how much influence Xbox has on Spencer’s personal life.

It’s amazing how much customized Xbox merch isn’t made for commercial availability. While there have been a number of custom Xbox Series X controllers released so far, there have also been plenty of controller and merch concepts that have been shown off, but were never sold. For some fans, this is quite unfortunate since there’s surely plenty of Xbox fans that would want a custom Xbox snowboard like Spencer’s.

In any case, it’s nice to see how active Spencer has remained within Xbox’s community of players. Spencer tends to openly discuss a multitude of new video game concepts, such as Xbox cloud gaming, with the gaming community itself. In a way, it allows a steady, intimate dialogue between the gaming industry and the gaming community.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Xbox going forward. In addition to celebrating Xbox’s 20th anniversary, there’s also a plethora of upcoming Xbox Series X game releases coming very soon. Considering the sheer volume of irons that Xbox has in the fire, the community will surely have a lot of new and exciting things to look forward to in the months to come.

Source: Gamerant

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