Halo Infinite Promises Better Individual Items and Bundles

An update from 343 Industries promises players that better individual items and valuable bundles will be coming to Halo Infinite in the future.

Between expensive monetization practices and limited items to purchase, Halo Infinite has struggled to both allow and inspire players to buy cosmetics. Fortunately, though, the situation in Halo Infinite has improved considerably in recent weeks, and will likely continue to do so with 343 Industries promising that better value is coming to the shop.

The divide between Halo Infinite‘s gameplay and live-service qualities has been a conundrum that players have wrestled with since the game’s launch. In one hand, Halo Infinite is an excellent multiplayer experience combining the best aspects of the series with great modern attributes. On the other hand, Halo Infinite has been held back by many restrictive design choices like limited free armor components and pricey shop cosmetics. One of the most egregious examples of this was when Halo Infinite charged nearly 10 dollars for a simple blue armor coating, one that is already available on other Armor Cores.


A new update from 343 Industries asserts that more valuable items and bundles will be coming to Halo Infinite in the future. The information comes directly from Community Manager at 343 Industries, Unyshek, who recently took to the Halo Waypoint forums to give players an update about the state of the item shop. “We’ve seen the desire to have bundles, while making the individual items within it purchasable on their own,” Unyshek states before admitting that this currently isn’t possible with the Halo Infinite shop. This past week Halo Infinite began listing items individually, with it previously only including bundles.


Unyshek goes on to provide 343 Industries’ plan for the shop going forward. “Through the rest of Season 1, our focus is to provide a better offering of individual items and bundles to help players get the customization they would like without having to buy larger bundles,” they explain. On top of this, Unyshek confirms that certain items and bundles will make their return to the shop eventually, with the team evaulating cosmetics on a “bundle-by-bundle basis.” Cheekily, Unyshek closes out this section noting that Halo Infinite‘s cat ears attachment will have another round in the shop this season.

Like with any update, there will be players who see this information as 343 Industries not doing enough, and those who are perfectly content with the pace it is implementing changes. For those who fit into that first crowd, they should think about all the speedy fixes 343 Industries have already made, like the addition of more game modes and significantly reducing Halo Infinite‘s shop prices.

Unyshek mentions that all the feedback and work being done now will become immediately apparent when Season 2 launches later this year, being a solid reminder that this is still Halo Infinite‘s first season. Though things are rough now, but the community has already had a tremendous impact on the game.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Halo Waypoint

Source: Gamerant

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