Halo Infinite Pro Fined for Criticizing the Game

The Halo Championship Series, which is partially run by Microsoft and 343 Industries, is fining a Halo Infinite pro after they criticized the game.

The Halo Championship Series 2022, the first season to be played on Halo Infinite, started this past December and will continue through eight total events ending with the World Championship in October. But just as Halo Infinite itself has struggled with various issues since it launched, the Halo Championship Series has dealt with issues and small controversies, too. The latest example has to do with HCS player Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, who recently claimed he was being fined for criticizing Halo Infinite.


On May 4, Spartan made a series of posts on Twitter in which he strongly criticized the current state of Halo Infinite. Spartan described Halo Infinite‘s latest update as the “worst one yet” and that he can’t defend 343 anymore. Halo Infinite, according to Spartan, had become “unplayable” to the point that he “can’t even do [his] job.” Further posts continued to aggressively call out 343 for what Spartan saw as an update demanding immediate fixes.

A day later, Spartan posted that he’s “Being fined Kekw.” He’d go on to say that he’s not going to apologize to anyone and stands by everything that he said. Spartan didn’t mention any further details about the fine, so it isn’t clear what specifically led the Halo Championship Series to make its decision nor how serious a penalty Spartan was delivered.

While it may appear that Spartan was fined for criticizing Halo Infinite, it’s also possible that he was penalized for the language and tone that he took in his criticism. He could also have been fined not for the criticism itself, but for the way he interacted with other Twitch users who responded to his comments. Spartan went on a tear on Twitter that day and much of what he posted could be seen as conduct unbecoming of a professional player, whether it was criticism of Halo Infinite or not.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Halo Championship Series isn’t an independent venture. It’s organized and run by 343 Industries and Microsoft, in partnership with the third-party company Esports Engine. While professional players are not by any means employees of Microsoft or 343 Industries, aggressively insulting the company behind not just Halo Infinite but the HCS itself is a risk by any definition.

There’s absolutely room to criticize Halo Infinite. The Halo community has made it clear that there are significant issues with the game that need to be addressed. There’s hopefully room for pro players like Spartan to be able to provide feedback, too. It’s unclear what led to Spartan’s fine, but constructive feedback would likely have been healthier for all parties involved.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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