Halo Infinite Players Discover Yet Another Craig Easter Egg

Halo Infinite players discover yet another in-game Easter Egg referencing Craig the Brute, a Halo meme that has lasted over a year.

Despite being out for less than a week, players have already sunken their teeth into Halo Infinite extensively. Given the semi-open world nature of the game’s environments, Halo Infinite has a lot of hidden content for players to discover. Although, some secrets can surface simply by playing the game normally, as one player recently came to find out.

A commonality seen throughout essentially every installment in the Halo series is Easter Eggs that most often relate back to inside jokes or memes seen throughout the fan community. For instance, Halo Infinite contains a number of references to Red Vs. Blue, the popular Halo parody series produced by Rooster Teeth that has been going on for almost as long as Halo itself. However, this newly discovered Easter Egg involves a much more recent meme.


A Reddit user named D3DW0DonPC found a piece of dialogue where an NPC encounters a Brute with a weird, deadpan look in his eye. The NPC then explains that he has taken to calling the Brute “Greg.” This is clearly in reference to the famous Craig meme, which first began after the Halo Infinite gameplay showcase that occured last year. The meme depicted a Brute with an inexpressive look on his face.

It’s amazing to see just how much 343 Industries has leaned into the Halo community’s littany of jokes and memes. The Craig meme in particular has been the focus of several Easter Eggs within Halo Infinite. In fact, in addition to this in-game exchange, there’s a rock in Halo Infinite that’s shaped like Craig’s head.

In any case, it’s interesting how much the decision to include open-world gameplay has affected various aspects of Halo Infinite’s in-game content. In previous installments, Easter Eggs like the ones seen in Halo Infinite were not nearly as frequent, due to the linear nature of the missions. Considering that the missions in Halo Infinite are built around open-world gameplay, it allows for more secret in-game content.

Many players have enjoyed what Halo Infinite has to offer so far. Despite various issues with Halo Infinite’s battle pass, there’s a lot for players to appreciate about the game. Then again, there’s still a lot of content that has yet to be added to the game, such as Forge mode and other changes made to the multiplayer. With any luck, more content will be added to Halo Infinite in the months to come.

Halo Infinite is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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