Halo Infinite Players Are Competing To See Who Can Share The Biggest Fail

Since the start of the new year, players are posting intentionally terrible gameplay clips of Halo Infinite multiplayer matches.

Since its release back in December of last year, Halo Infinite has enjoyed an incredible amount of success. One of the most important reasons that attribute to the overall success of Halo Infinite has been the free-to-play multiplayer, which many users have readily taken advantage of. However, a recent trend has appeared online that involves some rather hilarious moments during Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

Multiplayer has been at the heart of the Halo franchise since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. To the point where the multiplayer has affected the culture and lexicon of the Halo series in serious and unexpected ways. While a lot of truly amazing feats can occur within the confines of any given multiplayer Halo match, many players have taken to posting intentionally bad plays during matches and reffering to them as the best Halo Infinite play of the year.


Over on Reddit, a number of users have posted gameplay footage showing how each player attempted to do a particular action during a multiplayer match, which ultimately led to them getting killed. For instance, one player accidentally fired a rocket that was intended for a cluster of players into a pillar and died immediately. Another spent way too much time trying to pick up an energy sword, only to get killed immediately after picking it up.

Competetive gaming lends itself to a lot of exciting moments and Halo Infinite is no exception to this. Although, it does leave a lot of room for error, which leads to unfortunate, if not hilarious, moments like these ones. Such as one player trying to kill an enemy with an energy sword, constantly missing again and again, only to get killed after running into a cluster of enemies.

It’s amazing to see how much of an impact Halo Infinite has had on its community of players. In many ways, the game has revitalized the Halo community in a positive way. From the Craig meme to this newfound trend of posting failed attempts at Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, now is as good a time as any to be a Halo fan.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Halo going foward. A lot of in-game content has already been made available for Halo Infinite, but there’s plenty of modes that have yet to be released for the game as of yet. For instance, Forge mode is still absent from the main game.

Halo Infinite is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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