Halo Infinite Player Uses Theater Mode to Make Best Play More Dramatic

With a double Plasma Grenade kill during a game of Oddball, one Halo Infinite player creates a more dramatic best play using Theatre mode.

Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries recently released Halo Infinite and fans have been creating new content using the mode that’s become synonymous with making Halo content, Theater mode. One Halo Infinite fan recently came up with an idea to make end-game best plays more dramatic using the included mode.

Reddit user Playdoob recently posted a Halo Infinite video that was edited using the in-game theater mode to show off one of their favorite plays in a match of Oddball. The clip starts off with a player carrying the skull in Oddball being defeated with a frag grenade from a player on the other side who then retrieves the skull. After picking up the item, this violetSpartan retreats inside a nearby building, one of the spawns on the Live Fire map.


Nearing victory, the violet Spartan teamed up with a player donning one of the many Esports team Halo Infinite armor coatings to secure the win as Playdoob made a fashionable entrance with the help of slow-motion. Jumping from around the corner, Playdoob slowed down the Halo Infinite footage to zoom in on them changing their selected grenade from frag to a Plasma one. As Playdoob entered the area of the player with the Oddball skull, one of their allies was nearly killed with a grenade in the background.

Unlike their fellow Spartan in the background, Playdoob was protected with an Overshield adding further protection from enemy fire as they entered the fray. Upon getting a line of sight on the enemy duo, Playdoob threw two Plasma Grenades through the building’s doorway and was able to stick both of them. One grenade landed on the skull carrier’s arm, while the other stuck to the top of the Sentinels Esports team Spartan’s head, killing both enemy players in the process.

The defeated enemies were shown falling over like ragdolls in slow-motion before the double kill played out once again in regular time. Playdoob’s clip was self-aware of their team still losing the game of Halo Infinite Oddball despite their successful grenade kills, with quotes such as “I must stop them no matter what, or it will be game over.” Once the video showed the final score of 1-2, the on-screen text said “we still lost,” alongside the typical defeat screen.

Halo Infinite was released to mostly praises, with some fans of it having minor gripes such as the battle pass progression system and leveling process, and Playdoob’s suggestion may improve the best play system. There is no current method of showing best plays in Halo Infinite, but Playdoob’s idea may be inspired by other games such as Call of Duty: Vanguard or Overwatch. Playdoob’s video has garnered the attention of over 21,000 Reddit users, with some applauding their editing skills.

Halo Infinite is available right now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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