Halo Infinite Player Makes Working Gravity Gun in Unreleased Forge Mode

A video allegedly shows Halo Infinite forge mode gameplay, showcasing assets, ragdoll effects, and a surprising new weapon.

After a surprise launch of its multiplayer mode last November, Halo Infinite looked like it was primed to take over the gaming industry. Breaking the record for most successful launch in Halo franchise history, Halo Infinite was labeled an instant success from the start.

However, over time players became frustrated with the game. Between bugs, poor optimization, monetization, and a seemingly delayed Halo Infinite roadmap that frustrates players, the game has steadily fallen in popularity over the past few months. For a game that exploded onto the scene, skyrocketing in popularity in a matter of days, this steady decline and lack of meaningful content updates is troubling.


Even with the frustrations, players are looking towards the future of the game, with many zeroing in on the forge mode that will eventually be added. According to leaks, the Halo Infinite forge mode will be incredibly detailed, giving players many more powers than previous games in the franchise. In theory, this will surely lead to the most complex maps and game modes the franchise has ever experienced.

Recently, YouTuber Bradguy123 released a video that supposedly displays part of the aforementioned forge mode, showcasing some vehicles, objects, and what looks to be a gravity gun comparable to the one found in Garry’s Mod. Much like the Halo Infinite forge image leaks, the leak cannot be confirmed 100% real, though the assets, ragdoll physics, and gameplay certainly suggest some credibility. Within the video, Bradguy123 shows the functions of the gun, picking up and placing objects as well as launching objects at high velocities into one another.

Since Halo Infinite‘s co-op campaign mode has been delayed along with forge mode, players are stuck between frustrated and desperate, searching the internet for any news concerning both game modes. Because of this, Bradguy123’s video is a huge deal; not only is it potentially displaying forge gameplay, it also confirms a new gravity gun that will allow for creativity and, most likely, hilarious co-op moments. For example, while the Garry’s Mod gravity gun is an amazing tool for creation purposes, more often than not many players use it to launch objects at each other along with other wacky actions.

The potential of a gravity gun in forge is huge news and may help to stifle player frustrations over the fact that forge mode will not arrive for at least another few months. Along with another alleged Halo Infinite forge gameplay video, Bradguy123’s showcase gives some hope to players wishing to build and mess around with Halo Infinite‘s assets.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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