Halo Infinite Player Gets Kill Using Threat Sensor Item

A Halo Infinite player posts a recent video of them getting a kill in the game’s multiplayer, using the threat sensor item to do so.

The release of Halo Infinite brings back some of the franchise’s staple weapons and items for players to use again in the series’s newest entry. The game also features a variety of new weapons and features for players to use in Halo Infinite as well, like the Spartan Cores, which are used for armor customization.

One of the new items introduced in Halo Infinite is the threat sensor, a tactical item that when launched repeatedly emits a pulse that scans for enemies. The threat sensor reveals enemy locations to the player which are highlighted on their HUD, allowing them to take down enemies or anticipate their movements. However, one Halo Infinite fan discovered that the threat sensor can also be used in combat to a degree, as well.


Halo fan iamwhasted made a post on Reddit with a video clip of their gameplay in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer showing them using the threat sensor to get a kill in the game. The video quickly shows the user moving around the map before they launch the threat sensor, which ends up hitting another player and killing them. The general reaction to the video has been mostly surprise, as many commenters were shocked that the threat sensor could even be used to deal damage. While some speculate that the other player likely had no shields or very little health that allowed the threat sensor to damage them upon impact.

Some commenters certainly thought there should’ve been a medal in Halo Infinite for getting a kill like that. The post even inspired discussion of possible types of game matches based solely on using the threat sensor in the matches. Some even mention how they also used the threat sensor item in Halo Infinite, like one stating they used it to tag enemies, while another said it could be used to block rockets in rare occurrences. This isn’t the only recent clip to garner attention in the Halo player community.

Recently, another Halo Infinite fan posted a video of marines using the Banished Skewers in the campaign. The video showed the poster driving a Razorback vehicle with 5 marines armed with Skewers, and they were able to effectively take down Banished forces in the game with no casualties. Another recent clip showed one of the complications that can be caused by the invisible barriers used in Halo Infinite. The clip showed the poster trying to make a jump on a warthog from a high altitude to cross to another part of the ring. The video showed that they would’ve made it to the other side if it weren’t for the invisible barrier that stopped them in the middle of the jump.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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