Halo Infinite is Selling a Cat Ears Cosmetic This Week

Halo Infinite’s rotating item shop features a unique bundle with cat ears, a color palette, and other decals as purchasable cosmetics this week.

Halo Infinite‘s Battle Pass and associable events ensure its longevity and shelf-life. Halo Infinite‘s cosmetic rewards, whether purchasable in the game’s shop or earnable through different events and passes, give players the opportunity to personalize their Spartans and express themselves on the battlefield.

If players are so inclined, Halo Infinite‘s cosmetic shop offers many unique and exclusive items that they can fashion themselves with. Halo Infinite‘s shop operates on an active weekly rotation to display new bundles and individual cosmetic pieces, with a number of different items featured on the shop’s main menu page. This week’s rotation features many exciting cosmetics that players can buy, with one in particular that adds a distinctive flair to Halo Infinite.


As seen in the shop, Halo Infinite‘s Cat Lovers bundle comes with four cosmetic items for fans who are particularly fond of felines. The Cat Lovers bundle consists of the “Faded Blush” epic armor coating, with a color palette that combines grey gradients with pink, the “Purrfect Audio” epic helmet attachment, and two dangly weapon charms: the rare Tabby charm and the epic Kat charm. “Purrfect Audio” effectively adorns the Spartan’s helmet with cat ears, and comes with a funny description of “Anthropomjolnir” as a play on the cat aesthetic superimposed onto the Mjolnir armor.

Screenshot (353)

Halo Infinite‘s cat ears cosmetic may not appeal to every player but it is still a fun helmet attachment that will surely let players stand out amongst their fellow Spartans. But while many fans can purchase Cat Lovers’ cat ears and other cosmetics now, players who are averse to buying anything in the store can still earn free color palettes and cosmetics themselves with Halo Infinite‘s new Winter Contingency event, which lasts until January 3rd.

The Cat Lovers bundle is available for 1,000 credits. Besides the Cat Lovers bundle, players also have the opportunity to purchase the Fire and Frost bundle for 2,000 credits, the Maltese Mayhem Weapon set bundle for 1,500 credits, and a Boost and Swap pack bundle for 200 credits. Today’s daily bundle, Chow Down, includes charms that let players dangle realistic-looking pizza slices and bacon strips from their firearms.

If Halo Infinite continues to populate the shop with exciting gear items such as these, it will be fun for players to check back and see what other authentic and niche cosmetics might be added in the future.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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