Halo Infinite hotfix did not fix the Big Team Battle matchmaking problem

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle multiplayer mode hasn’t been working as intended for quite some time now: Large matchmaking parties have trouble getting into games, and when players do get in, they’re often disconnected. A patch for the problem went live today, making “minor service adjustments to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking,” but sadly it turns out those adjustments were a little too minor.

“Well, damn… today’s BTB hotfix does not appear to be the outcome we expected,” 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard tweeted. “There are minor improvements, but overall matchmaking issues are still occurring. Thanks to the folks who have been working hard and we’re sorry this didn’t quite get the job done. Work continues.”

The failure of the fix is being confirmed by a number of players on Twitter and Reddit—some, in fact, are reporting new issues following the installation of the hotfix, including random bursts of lag and an inability to connect to game servers.

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There’s currently no indication as to when a new, hopefully more effective update will roll out, but it sounds like it could be awhile. In response to a follower who suggested 343 stop having Big Team Battle challenges until the problem is fixed, Jarrard tweeted, “Given this issue now looks to be persisting longer than expected, this is being investigated as well. Stay tuned please.”

I’ve reached out to 343 Industries for more information and will update if I receive a reply.

Source: PC Gamer

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