Halo Infinite Has a Giant Sandwich Easter Egg for Players to Find

Xbox Games Studios and 343 Industries recently released Halo Infinite and fans are already at work discovering Easter eggs hidden around the open areas. One Halo Infinite fan has notably found a giant sandwich Easter egg concealed in a cave while flying around using the new Grappling hook.

Halo Infinite‘s new grappling hook is useful for traversing the open world and big arenas full of enemies alike and fans have expressed their enthusiasm for its addition since prior to the game’s release. A Halo Infinite fan called Infinite Forges on Twitter was recently using the new Halo tool to explore one of the campaign’s early cave networks. While using the grappling hook to fly upwards rather than towards the mission objective, Infinite Forges entered a tight space within a rocky hole in the ceiling of the cave before entering an open room with a peculiar Easter Egg.


Upon entering the open Halo Infinite cave room in one of the first locations Halo fans will explore in the new game, Infinite Forges discovered the giant sandwich Easter Egg. In the middle of the cave room is two pieces of white bread with deli meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and condiments being worshipped by six Grunts posed in various ways. Half of the Halo Infinite Grunts in the sandwich cave have one hand raised, while the rest are standing by idly.

In order for Halo Infinite fans to access the sandwich Easter egg cave, they’ll have to put their first point into the grappling hook specialization in order to reduce its cooldown. To do this, players will have to locate one of the many Halo Infinite Spartan Cores hidden around the map. Halo fans who are struggling to find these important items during their campaign gameplay can find some marked on the map similar to how they can locate Forward Operating Bases, captured squads, Banished outposts, and propaganda towers.

The Grunts in Halo Infinite‘s sandwich room are frozen in place and Infinite Forges was able to interact with the sandwich by jumping on top of it. Although there are many collectibles to find around the vast Halo Infinite campaign and its various locations, the Sandwich cave doesn’t offer any in-game goodies for curious Halo fans to look out for. With many Halo Infinite skulls, UNSC audio logs, and Mjolnir Lockers to discover, none are locked behind being able to access this Easter egg’s location.

Given the fact that, unlike many other Halo Infinite Easter eggs, this one couldn’t have been found without the helpful grappling hook tool it’s unlikely that something like this would’ve been discovered in previous Halo titles. Because this is the first Halo title to heavily dabble in open-world areas, it’s likely that more Easter eggs like this sandwich cave remain secluded for Halo Infinite fans to uncover. Like many other Halo fans, Infinite Forges has stated that secrets like this hidden sandwich are why they love the Halo franchise.

Halo Infinite is available right now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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