Halo Infinite Fan Redesigns the Game’s Shop UI

One fan shares their UI redesign of Halo Infinite’s Item Shop, cleaning up the overall experience and giving players more purchasing options.

343 Industries has been good listeners regarding fan feedback, with many issues of Halo Infinite‘s steadily being addressed since the game’s launch. From the price of cosmetics, to what is being offered itself, one of the most desired changes is for Halo Infinite‘s Item Shop to be reworked, with one fan completely redesigning its presentation.

Halo Infinite‘s Item Shop is where players can purchase unique Spartan customization options using real money. To many players’ surprise, much of the Item Shop’s customization options so far have been not necessarily the most special of pieces, but components that players expected just as part of the base game to start with. This development, the prices of the cosmetics themselves, and the lack of freely attainable armor pieces has seen Halo Infinite players accuse 343 Industries of contradicting former statements regarding the freedom of player customization. Some fans have estimated the cost of purchasing all of Halo Infinite‘s Season 1 cosmetics to be over $1,000.


Spartan_D1994 took to the Halo subreddit to share an incredible UI redesign of Halo Infinite‘s Item Shop, arguably addressing the majority of fans’ current gripes. Their redesign splits the Item Shop into two pages: one for weekly rotating items, and one for daily items. Further separation was brought to the current listing format, breaking up some of the available bundles so that their contents can be purchased individually. For example, currently the Golden Eagle AR weapon model, the Arena Clash weapon coating, and the Controlled Leak weapon charm can only be purchased in $15 bundle, but Spartan_D1994’s makes them purchaseable a la carte. The full redesign can be viewed here.

halo infinite item shop redesign

Those aren’t the only considerations Spartan_D1994 took though while making this redesign. After many players were perturbed by Halo Infinite charging crazy prices for simple armor coatings, Spartan_D1994 brought the Item Shop’s prices down across the board. Items like armor coatings, weapon coatings, and weapon charms are $1, playercard and emblem sets are $2, and player stances, weapon models, and vehicle models are just $3. The largest price reduction of all comes to specialty weekly bundle, typically being sold for $20, but in this case, is only $6.

There is a very little that Spartan_D1994 misses with their redesign, generally providing a much more welcoming and sensical Item Shop presentation. As a free-to-play game, Halo Infinite having an Item Shop is not the problem—it is how it is structured. Fans are unhappy they have to pay expensive prices for content that was free in prior Halo titles, though obviously they would much rather them just be in the game to begin with. 343 Industries has been very accomadating so far, so hopefully it continues with these Item Shop woes.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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