Halo Infinite Fan Proposes Infected Armor Core Based on the Flood

A Halo Infinite fan puts forward the idea of the game introducing a new type of spartan core that’s directly inspired by the Flood.

Halo Infinite brings players back to the Halo franchise with a new story, new characters, and new enemies for players to fight. The game also introduces some new game mechanics for players to experience, like Master Chief’s new grappling hook.

Halo Infinite introduces several other new things to the game, such as the collectible Spartan Cores that are used to upgrade Master Chief’s abilities in the game. Players discover the various Spartan Cores throughout the world of Zeta Halo, which can unlock new features for players to use in the game. As such, plenty of players have speculated on what other types of Spartan Cores could be added to the game after its release.


One player introduced their concept for a new Spartan Core being added to the game, called the Infected Armor Core. This Spartan Core is directly inspired by the Flood from Halo, the faction of virulent alien organisms that have a major influence in the Halo franchise. The user doesn’t state that this will happen, they only put it forward as a potential fun idea for the game.

The user provides some possibilities for the Infected Armor Core, suggesting that it could appear as part of an event, possibly a seasonal or limited-time event. They also propose that the Infected Armor Core could be released as campaign DLC for Halo Infinite that comes out as post-launch content. Or more obviously, the user says the Infected Armor Core could be released in the game as part of a Halloween-themed event.

halo 2 anniversary flood infection form

The user adds that if cross-core armor customization ends up becoming a possibility in Halo Infinite, then the developers could play around with other ideas. Some examples they mention include players becoming completely infected, or players having bits and pieces of Flood-infected armor on their respective custom Spartans. The user even provided several pictures of infected armor showing what the Infected Armor Core could look like in Halo Infinite. The first image is a screenshot of an infected spartan that from Halo 2: Anniversary. The other two are pieces of artwork by David Salaiz showing the Master Chief’s helmet infected by the Flood.

The reaction to the post was mostly positive, with plenty of users commenting on both the images and the idea of an Infected Armor Core being added to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Some users suggest it could be a fun shop item, like the Cat Ears. While other commenters speculate that the Infected Armor Core could be in multiplayer and come with a Gravemind voice announcer that says some of its famous quotes from the previous games in the original Halo trilogy.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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