Halo Infinite Devs Address ‘Bumpy’ Season 2 Launch

Throughout the lengthy development of Halo Infinite, there have been plenty of ups and downs. Following its surprising delay out of 2020, reports started to surface of 343 developers leaving the studio, leadership getting shifted around, and more trouble reports. However, the extra year of development clearly did the game good and even saw the multiplayer launch a month early, giving players the opportunity to jump in and start progressing.

While many praised the overall feel of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, it wasn’t without its flaws. Players weren’t a fan of the battle pass progression systems which were overly reliant on finishing weekly challenges instead of how well players performed during matches. Season 1 was also extended, though 343 attempted to keep things fresh with new updates and limited time events. With May finally arriving, the newest Halo Infinite season called Lone Wolves arrived, promising new content, rewards, and plenty of fixes.


While fans flooded into new game modes like Last Spartan Standing, Season 2 wasn’t as smooth as everyone had hoped. Unfortunately, players have experienced a variety of issues from challenges not tracking properly, the Battle Rifle seemingly jamming during firefights, popular map traversal techniques being nerfed or removed outright, and more. Naturally, fans took to social media and other places on the internet to report their displeasure, much of which was soon addressed by members of 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite‘s senior community manager John Junyszek opened the dialog by acknowledging fan feedback and confirming that hotfixes are being deployed to fix issues such as the Last Spartan Standing challenges not tracking properly. 343 creative lead Joseph Staten added on that this week was bumpier than the team anticipated and confirmed that the studio is taking fan feedback to heart and reviewing options to correct the remaining problems including map jumps and speedrunning techniques.

To apologize for the rough launch of Season 2, 343 Industries announced a few bonuses for players. While the Last Spartan Standing mode challenges will be made easier, for every one that is completed, players will earn to levels on the Interference battle pass until May 16. In addition, all players who log in prior to that date will also get five challenge swaps and 1 hour XP boosts.

While Halo Infinite has had issues in the past, 343 Industries has been relatively quick to correct them. When fans have provided feedback on elements of the game they didn’t like, including the higher than expected Halo Infinite microtransaction prices, the studio made adjustments to lower the prices. In addition, the studio continues to tweak Halo Infinite based on fan feedback including scrapping the armor core system, adding more narrative elements into seasons, and plenty more.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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