Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Visor is Asymmetrical and Fans are Annoyed

Players of Halo Infinite have had plenty of frustrations with the game so far, now an asymmetrical visor is causing strife among some players.

It’s a rare thing that the gaming community is ever unified. Using the recent huge news that Microsoft was buying Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard as an example, some gamers saw this as a move that would be beneficial and inspire competition between the major platform holders, while others saw the purchase as a scary move towards monopolies in gaming. A game that’s had gamers similarly divided is Halo Infinite. 343’s latest installment in the Halo franchise has been met with praise by many, while there are others that have plenty of complaints.


To begin with, the complaints around Halo Infinite were, to most, justified. Issues stemmed from the pricing of Halo Infinite’s online store, which saw players being charged high prices for even a change of color to their armor. In other areas, a slow battle pass progression, bugs, and glitches were highlighted as other problems within the game. Now, again players’ complaints are revolving around cosmetics, though this time it’s about a much more minor detail.

343 industries have made some kind of amendments with the price of cosmetics, which has been changed recently. The design of one cosmetic is what’s causing fans grief at the moment. As part of Halo Infinite’s “Cyber Showdown” event, 343 added in a variety of new cosmetics to be used in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Some are available to purchase right away, while others require a player to level up their free battle pass. Through the battle pass, a player can unlock the neon screen armor effect, which gives a cyberpunk-style visor overlaid on top of the standard visor.

What has caused fans grievance is the fact that when looked at closely, the visor is a few pixels off-center. So far, it is unclear if the visor’s orientation is deliberate or is some kind of glitch, however, that hasn’t stopped players from readying their posts to critique 343, such as one user on Reddit who discovered that both the visor and new helmet effects were misaligned. The new helmet effect, which gives players a mohawk in Halo Infinite, was also noted as being slightly off-center in its design.

Another Reddit community isn’t too impressed with the complaints around a few pixels of misalignment though. Users of a niche subReddit that often mocks Halo Infinite for its shortcomings, actually turned their mockery towards the fans who were complaining about the misaligned cosmetics. Perhaps more interestingly than the irritation around the cosmetic is the debate around what is worthy of anger and reaction, as many in the Halo community are becoming tired of the complaints, with some even calling Halo fans a “bunch of entitled toddlers.”

Halo Infinite is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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