Halo Infinite Clip Shows How Useful Marines Are With Skewers

A gameplay clip from a player online shows how useful the marines in Halo Infinite can be when they have the Skewer weapon.

With the release of Halo Infinite, fans have a new game that lets them experience a new story in the Halo universe again. As expected, the game comes with new enemies, such as the Banished acting as the main enemies in Halo Infinite, but it also comes with familiar elements like the UNSC marines.

The marines of the UNSC have been a staple of the Halo games, including the original Halo trilogy, the spinoff games, and the games by 343 Industries like Halo Infinite. Players and fans often debate the marines’ skills and overall usefulness, but sometimes players see how useful they can be in the games.


A Reddit user recently posted a gameplay clip from their playthrough of Halo Infinite showing multiple marines riding in a Razorback vehicle wielding the Baished’s Skewer weapon. The user titled the video saying that if players haven’t been using the Razorback with five marines equipped with five Skewers, they’re playing the game’s campaign wrong. The video shows the player driving the Razorback full of Marines using the Skewers to take out Banished enemies from Grunts to Brutes, to Jackals and Elites at different locations in the game, including one of many Forward Operating Base that players can capture.

The minute the Razorback comes into sight of enemies, the marines start using the Banished’s weapons against them and taking them out at a fast rate, even when they’re further away. Even more surprising is that throughout the video the marines are taking out the Banished and the player doesn’t lose any of their marines.

The reaction to the video was mostly positive, with some intrigued by the idea of having marines use the Skewers. Other commenters had compared using similar tactics in the game, but instead of using the Banished’s Skewer, they equip the marines with other weapons in Halo Infinite, like the Sentinel Beam from the Forerunner Sentinels, or the UNSC’s Rocket Launcher.

One of the commenters questioned how the player got five marines into the Razorback as they experienced difficulty in doing so. The video doesn’t show how the player does this, but others suggested that they either honk the vehicle to get them in, with another suggesting they need enough valor points to get that many marines in the vehicle.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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