Halo Infinite Cat Ears Are Everywhere

Halo Infinite is currently being overrun by players adorned in $10 cat ear cosmetics and players can’t decide whether they hate them or love them.

Halo Infinite has faced a lot of controversy regarding the prices of its cosmetics and its battle pass. However, a new cosmetic seems to have taken the Halo Infinite player base by storm.

It is currently unlikely that Halo Infinite players will load into a match and not find at least one player adorned in a $10 cat ear helmet. Some players are complaining that the cosmetic bundle that the cat ear cosmetic comes in is overpriced and others are instead flaunting their cat ears at every possible opportunity. Many Halo Infinite players that are enjoying their cat ears have been encouraging others to buy the cosmetic through the in-game voice chat. This has caused some fans to turn their voice chat off entirely in order to avoid the cacophony of meows and purrs that have come with the cosmetic.


Many Halo Infinite players that are embracing the cat ears seem to be doing so in order to troll the rest of the player base. This is due to the fact that some players are still unhappy with the prices of cosmetics in Halo Infinite. The fact that the cat ears cosmetic costs $10 means that every player with cat ears is supporting the current prices in the item shop, while many other fans have opted to avoid the item shop altogether to encourage 343 Industries to lower the store’s prices.

halo infinite cat ears

Unfortunately, $10 cat ears are not the only issue fans have with the game’s item shop as when Halo Infinite first released players were upset to find that a single blue armor skin cost $8. Many players respected Microsoft and 343 Industries’ decision to include microtransactions considering that it made the game free-to-play, however, the fan base did think that charging $8 for a single skin seemed a tad unfair.

It was determined that if a player were to buy every paid Halo Infinite cosmetic from Season 1, it would cost them over $1000. 343 Industries has, so far, been good when it has come to listening to fan feedback and making changes to the game accordingly, however, there has not been much in the way of change regarding the prices in the item shop. It will be interesting to see if 343 Industries decides to listen to players and reduce the prices in the item shop for the game’s next season, or if it instead decides to continue with its current prices considering the overwhelming support it has received with the cat ears cosmetic.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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