Halo Fan Paints Homemade Halo Ring

A fan of the Halo franchise decides to create an impressive miniature version of one of the Halo installations seen throughout the series.

Throughout the Halo series, the Master Chief has faced many threats to humanity. From the Covenant and the Flood to the Banished, the galaxy is full of powerful factions and even more powerful weapons that threaten destruction on a galactic level. However, perhaps the most powerful of these threats are the Halo installations. These mammoth rings can wipe out all sentient life throughout a large portion of the galaxy and have been stopped from firing by the Master Chief and Cortana on multiple occasions. Recently, one fan decided to recreate one of these massive structures in real life, albeit on a much smaller scale.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as SilencedGamer shared a video of a recent project they had been working on related to the Halo series. According to the Reddit user, they had wanted to make a miniature version of a Halo ring. In the clip recorded by the creator, they held the ring in their hand, revealing just how small it was. This creation by SilencedGamer was painted gray on the outside with earth tones on the inside. This was done to mimic the unique dichotomy between technology and nature created by the Halo rings seen in the games.

In addition to showcasing the model in a video, SilencedGamer provided some more details about the project. Based on comments from the creator in the Reddit post, this Halo ring was meant to be part of a larger diorama. They wanted to work on a project that included several Halo: Fleet Battles ships they had previously found. While the project had been in the back of their mind for roughly a year, they hoped making this replica Halo installation would help motivate them to get working on the larger diorama.

This impressive miniature Halo ring designed and painted by SilencedGamer piqued the interest of numerous members of the Halo community on Reddit. With over 1,800 upvotes in less than a day, many fans were impressed with the mini build. In addition to complementing the design, some fans jokingly said that the player should make another Halo ring, except make the new one to the scale of the ones in the games. “Yeah, just gotta find a good enough piece of plastic that’s 10,000km in diameter,” SilencedGamer responded. Still, others joked that the creator should blow it up like some installations seen in the game series.

This is just one of many pieces of artwork created by passionate fans in the Halo community. In addition to this homemade Halo ring, another fan recreated the Mk50 Sidekick seen in the Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer. It will be interesting to see what other creations are shared with the gaming community in the weeks ahead.

Source: Gamerant

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