Halo Fan Creates Levitating Ghost Using 3D Printer

A Halo fan makes a levitating ghost model with a 3D printer and some magnets, with a stunning result.

The Halo franchise is full of iconic weapons, vehicles, and enemies, though few have been featured as heavily in the series as the Ghost has. Acting as a sort of light cavalry for the Covenant and Banished, the Ghost is a floating, dual cannon vehicle that’s highly maneuverable but relatively easy to take down. There’s a certain appeal to the Ghost that other alien vehicles don’t have, which one fan is putting to use in a special way.

Over on Reddit, u/phootoon shared a brief video of a Ghost that they 3D printed as a gift for someone. A lot of care and detail went into the Ghost, as phootoon found a near-perfect color match on Amazon to get the correct purple hue for the paint job, which they both hand-brushed and air-brushed by themselves.


Of course, what really makes the Ghost model so special is that it floats. And that floating isn’t editing magic or a deceptive angle, it’s a maglev kit that phootoon has incorporated with the base and Ghost that keeps the model suspended in the air. The hovering gives an entirely new dimension to the model, adding an impressive layer of believability to the entire creation. Between that and the minor details peppered throughout, it’s one of the most impressive fan creations to surface in quite some time.

The reaction to the model has been overwhelmingly positive. Commenters have asked the creator what the price would be if they were to sell the Ghost model on a shop like Etsy, which fan art creators frequently use for their creations. While the creator hasn’t replied or expressed interest in selling their creation, it does seem like it could make a killing if it were to be sold.

Halo fans have a lot to be happy about right now, too. While there have been some controversial elements, Halo Infinite has been celebrated as a great achievement by fans and critics, both for its campaign and multiplayer elements. Therefore, it’s no small wonder to see the r/Halo subreddit start to pick up steam again. It’s simply a good time to be a fan of the franchise in the face of what has been a tough year for many, both inside and outside of the games industry.

There’s also still a ton of life left in Halo Infinite, as 343 Industries wants it to be a platform to build on for years to come. That means new seasons, customization items, maps, and more as time presses on. Ultimately, that’s a positive for fans.

Source: Gamerant

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